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    Hello, as of last week, comments placed by people who’d previously been approved were no longer accepted. I did not change any of the settings. Today two women said when they tried to post a comment, it sent her to the admin login page for my site. They had to go in through their twitter account to finally post their comment. Can you help me fix this?
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    Folks who are trying to comment with an email address belonging to a Gravatar or account will now need to log in first. This is a site-wide policy change.


    The individuals who tried to comment were not directed to log into their profiles thought – it directed them to log into mine. Is there another way around this? Doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult.



    It’s actually a log in form, just appearing on your blog. If they enter they log in details, they’ll be logged in to their accounts.

    We’re working on making this a bit clearer.


    Hi again – I really appreciate your help. I just checked with one of the women who tried to post and she said she tried logging in via her blog as well as you described, but it still didn’t work. Help! And thanks in advance! :-)



    Can you please ask her to try logging in at and make sure she’s commenting with email address on her account? She might unknowingly have two account and be commenting with the wrong email address.


    I checked with her and she said her site uses the WordPress platform but it’s hosted through another company. I’m not sure about the other gal. Trying to contact her.

    In the case of the other woman who I’m trying to contact, I approved her comment last week, but it asked me to approve her again today when my setting say to allow comments from previously approved users. She comments almost every week and was frustrated last week, but finally figured out how to log in to comment via twitter (which is what the other gal did). She logged in the same way today using her twitter account, but again, I had to approve her.

    I’m just concerned that others will have this problem and it will discourage comments on my (and other’s) blogs.



    I approved her comment last week, but it asked me to approve her again today when my setting say to allow comments from previously approved users.

    That particular setting uses the email address as a unique identifier, so make sure that she’s using the same email address.


    Here’s the response I got from my friend based on your most recent reply:

    Yep – it auto-entered it for me, so there’s no reason the address would have been different.

    I’m happy to help if you need me to try stuff for you, but it was very easy to just use Twitter so I’m not worried about being able to comment in the future. :-)



    If she’s ok with Twitter, that’s perfectly fine.

    If you’d like me to dig any deeper, can you please send me direct links to the comments that needed to be approved?

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