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    I have two wordpress blogs both of which I bought domains for and are still hosted by WordPress. The first wp domain is I bought the domain and upgraded WP service to use my new domain.

    I may have added Google Webmaster tools to the site from the outset to make sure it got picked up. I can’t remember at this point.

    However, I do remember it took what seemed like several months for Google to eventually drop the site from its index while replacing it with the new redirected domain both in Google search index and Google blog search.

    Having forgotten how much time had elapsed with the first domain, I then decided to repeat the process with my initial Sept. ’06 WP blog Having been through the process before I was somewhat prepared for some lag time but I have since become concerned something has went awry.

    I bought the WP domain credits on January 28, 2009 switched the DNS to WP and then added Google Webmaster tools shortly thereafter and verified site ownership. I also submitted the new domain address to Add URL @ Google.

    Google Webmaster Tools current status: “No pages from your site are currently included in Google’s index. Indexing can take time.” A Google search for confirms the site hasn’t yet been found by Google.

    However a Google search for reveals Google is going to my site daily and grabbing my latest post but not under Nor is Google doing anything with the post it finds.

    I have blogged every single day since I switched domains. Not a single post has found its way into Google or Technorati for that matter. I have manually pinged Technorati several times to no avail. Technorati does show my new domain however.

    On top of all this I have received fresh inbound links to from a variety of sites including CNET:

    and Search Engine Land:

    It has been 50 days since I switched domains.

    How much longer should I wait for results or should I scrap this entire science fair project?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    It can take up to six weeks for Google to register a new URL. As I’ve said repeatedly on Twitter, please tell me which URL you have set as primary under Domains.


    And it will indeed take some time before search engines use the new URL instead of the new one; when I switched over, it was something like four months before the new URL gained the technorati juice of the old one.

    Have you re-registered with Google blogsearch and Technorati with the new URL like I told you?

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    Raincoaster I appreciate all of your help. I am pretty sure if there is anybody in the WordPress community who can help me solve this problem – its you.

    Hopefully my response below provides the answers you are looking for.

    I switched the domain January 28, 2009 – seven weeks ago now.

    In both cases the non domain is set to the primary url. At / the primary domain is set to & the primary domain is set to is crawled and indexed by both and Google Blog Search. is not crawled or indexed by Google or Google Blog Search.

    In the event my response wasn’t clear I wrote a post @ with screenshots showing my primary WordPress domain choices.

    Yes – I re-registered with Google blog search and Technorati and submitted the domain to add url at Google.


    Google Blogsearch seems to have you

    But not this one

    Nor is that one on Technorati, even though I pinged it manually:

    I wonder why we’re seeing different things.


    Timothy, does a 302 redirect from all of your old URLs to the new domain, to notify Google and other search engines of the new location. We’ve determined that is the safest way to do it.

    Using a 301 (permanent) redirect is faster, but it usually causes both the old and new URLs to completely vanish from Google results for several weeks or more.

    302 redirects will mean that Google takes longer to use the new domain – sometimes months or more – but your old URLs will usually retain their position in the search results until then. And people who click on the old URLs are obviously redirected to the correct location.

    Original poster

    @Raincoaster – some of those are the blogs I mentioned have linked to since I made the domain switch. hasn’t been added to Technorati because its my personal blog where I write about personal stuff not business. itself however has not been indexed in Google Blog Search or

    To see whether a site is in either index use the command instead of the command.

    @Tellyworth – thanks for clarifying the WP process and your response. I am sure the 302 redirect process is buried in the domain change information but I don’t recall seeing it. I am also pretty sure the “Google takes longer to use the new domain – sometimes months or more” wasn’t visibly handy when I made the decision to change my domain from wordpress to my own.

    I think if it had been I would have thought twice about migrating from the WordPress domain and instead would have approached the process entirely different.

    Maybe a notification / disclaimer is in order on the change to your own page.

    Waiting six months or more for posts to appear in web / blog time defeats the purpose of being on the web to begin with.

    Original poster

    I guess we can leave this thread open to measure the amount of time that lapses from the time the domain was switched to the time it gets indexed.

    Today is March 27, 2009 and the domain was added January 28, 2009.

    Since few if any others have experienced this same problem or care about it, then I look forwarded to seeing myself back here again with my report about how the new domain was added to Google – at some point in the future.

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