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    I have a free plan and I do not understand why WordPress does not give those two options EU Cookie law and GDPR compliance for free to a free plan blogger. It should be free due to the law. Is there are some options/solutions about that? thanks in advance, kind greetings Sara

    The site I need help with is [visible only to staff] (redacted).


    Member does. You can check this yourself by visiting your site with your browser in incognito modus.



    Hi there,

    As all free sites display ads, we automatically display a cookie notice on all free sites to all visitors. It’s not something you have to enable on a free site.

    On paid sites you have a choice whether or not you want to display ads, so you have a choice whether or not to display that notice.

    If you’re concerned about compliance with GDPR, you can also see here:

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