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    If I upgrade one of my blogs to premium, does “unlimited access to all of our advanced premium theme templates” mean I can install a Premium theme for another (free) blog? Or is that unlimited access limited to that upgraded blog? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Dear @annasamarita,

    On, you can register a custom domain (for example, and use it instead of your site’s current address (such as Your old address will still work, but we will automatically redirect traffic from your old address to your new one.

    Domain Registrations are offered as part of our plans. You will need to have an active plan on your site in order to register a domain. Each plan comes with a free domain name credit for one year in registration. However, you can register as many additional domains as you want on the same site, but you have to pay for additional registrations separately.

    So to answer your question simply, if you upgrade for a premium plan the unlimited premium themes are applicable only for the domain name registered along with the premium plan purchase.

    Please take some time to read through the following link to understand domain registrations better:

    Hope this was of help.



    Thanks for answering my question!



    Hello there, hope you don’t mind me adding to this discussion.

    You do not need to upgrade a site to the Premium plan in order to purchase a single Premium theme. As it says on this page:

    On a site with the Premium or Business plan, you can switch to any premium theme at no extra cost, as many times as you’d like. Without a Premium or Business plan, premium themes may also be purchased individually.

    Let us know if you have any other question about this.



    Hey @justjennifer! I did see that, but it’s fiscally irresponsible and not in line with what I need. Thanks tho! :)

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