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    Hi my posts don’t show in the reader for months now.
    It’s very annoying as most people scroll and like through their feed on the reader and they can’t see me. It’s like I don’t exist and I can’t grow my follower base easily.
    I’m on and use the theme Activello.

    Here is my url

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    The Reader is essentially an RSS feed reader, and it doesn’t look like your site has an RSS feed:

    So there is no way for the Reader to see your site.

    So either you have a plugin on your site that disables the feed, or your site has a feed, but you have a non-standard configuration set up which means your feed is at a completely different URL. In that case you’ll need to paste the exact URL of the feed into the Reader to be able to follow it.

    As your site is using the self-hosted software, that’s as much as I’m able to help you on this end. For help in fixing this you’ll need to ask in the self-hosted forums instead, as the users there will be more familiar with the version of WordPress you are using:

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