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    Dear all… I think WordPress is streets ahead of any other blogging community, but there are always features that you would like to add.

    One of these for me would be to offer the option of displaying posts in chronological date order, as opposed to newest entry first. I’ve read other forum entries on this and believe that this is still not possible. A recommendation for the next version of wordpress maybe. I would like a short blog of about 14 entries which are read like a diary in date order. reverse date order would be a bit confusing. Hope some of you wonderful people might be able to consider this. No doubt it is a lot more complicated than I imagine.

    The blog in question (which is currently being built), is not yet searchable and only has a few entries. It can be found at:

    I hope you can get what I mean despite a lack of dated entries to show why I would like them the other way around! I’ve got around it for the first post by making the previous one sticky. But you can’t seem to manually order stickies either.



    You can do this. Just edit the datestamp on each post so that the oldest appears to be the newest, etc. Then when you add more, change the date of that one too. There’s an FAQ on it:



    sure, problem is that the design we most liked for the blog tends to make the date pretty big – which is actually quite nice for a diary. But if we edit the date stamp… diary doesn’t exactly work anymore does it! Dates have to be kept acurate.

    Read about the book thing too but a bit over complicated for both reader and writer with such a short and simple section of our blog.


    Let me try to make it less complicated.

    First you set a static front page (with an introduction or whatever you see fit), WITHOUT creating a posts page. Then:

    Option one, you write your posts, with their proper dates, copy their URLS, and write links to those posts in the proper order, either in the front page itself or in a sidebar text widget.

    Option two, you publish your material as sections of the front page or of the “Diary” page, not as separate posts. You can mimic the appearance of posts by highlighting their titles in the page editor and choosing the appropriate heading from the “Format” button.

    Option three, you publish your material as separate PAGES, not posts, which you set as child-pages to “Diary”.


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    It looks to me that you have “pages” and “posts” confused.
    The page “Gassi gehen in Auwiesen” is your home page, where you’d normally write posts, latest first, oldest last. You have 1 post on your home page, but you could write more (Dashboard ->Write ->Post)
    The other titles under your list under pages:
    The dogs
    Project partners
    Future planning
    Gassi Station”
    are actually pages. They are static. You can continue to add to these pages (Dashboard ->Manage ->Pages, then select which page you want to edit.
    Your theme is unfamiliar to me but it looks like it adds dates to the pages, which seems unusual to me because mine does not! Your theme also adds dates to posts (as what happens on all blogs at WordPress).
    This may be the source of your confusion!
    Try a different theme to find one that doesn’t add dates to pages.
    Then you could write your “Diary” on an undated pageā€”just type in and format it so it looks like a series of posts. You could then arrange them in any order you choose. They would all be visible, though. You could make child-pages of “Diary” so that each page is a specific date. If you hide the child-pages, they can be hidden in the main menu, but be sure to link to them from “Diary” so people can find them.



    Not quite 1tess! Homepage is a static. Diary is a posts page.

    Thanks all for your replies. Maybe I should have put my comment under suggestions as opposed to support (I’ve done quite a few more extensive blogs so I’m pretty up to date on the options). Sorry about that.

    Just thought it worthwhile to say that I think this would be a good option in the near future.

    I’ve decided that I will just make the diary a static page and leave the homepage as the blog with just our cover image as the one post. (option 2 fronm panaghiotisadam)



    Chnaged my mind and left it as is for now! Not public anyway.

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