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    Around 10 weeks ago I my posts started going to spam on one of my favorite blogs. I have identified two separate problems.

    Problem 1: When I reply through the reader to a comment, I get a green message that says my reply was sent. However, these replies are actually going to the SPAM bin. The Admin or post Author then must release from the spam bin.
    Here is an example.

    2nd Problem:
    Started at same time as 1st one.
    All my comments on the Blog Admin’s posts go directly to SPAM. I can post comments with NO problems on any other Blog Author.
    After doing some testing I have determined that the Admin posts are rejecting my home IP address.
    Here is an example of comment posted from my home network that automatically goes to Spam on the Admin’s post.

    This is where the Admin found the comment.

    If I use my cell phone, disable Wifi, and use my carrier’s data network and IP, I AM ABLE to comment directly on the Admin’s post. Here is an example.

    Here is an example of a normal comment on another Author’s post from my home IP on same day.

    Additional info, I have performed these tests on both Windows 10 OS with Brave Browser and Ipad & Iphone with same results.
    While WP is blocking me from commenting on the Admin’s post, it is allowing me to like existing comments from others on the post.
    While I can use my cell phone, it gets to be a hassle because due to small screen, content becomes unreadable.
    I am able to reply to Admin only on another Author’s post.
    The Admin has repeatedly checked all settings and finds NO reason for my home IP to be blocked. It is not blocked on other Authors of same Blog.
    Also is there a way for the Admin to PERMANENTLY declare people NOT SPAM?? We’ve had issues with 3 longtime posters this week.

    Please Help. Thanks.



    Hi! I am the blog admin in question. One of our other commenters created this thread:

    Interestingly, that commenter’s problems just ceased after contacting WordPress Support. Hence, I have encouraged other commenters to respond to that thread, but I will now point them to this one as well.

    Spam-binning of long-time posters has become a significant problem on our site, and is leading to demoralization of the affected posters. Many mistakenly think they are being blocked.

    Any possible tools to simply bypass the binning of long-time posters who have been declared to be “not spam” literally dozens of times would be welcome.




    Hi there,

    If you find your comments going to spam on sites, please contact support at our spam filter provider, Akismet, directly for help:

    There’s an option on that contact form to indicate you’re contacting them about your own comments being filtered into spam.


    This is very unlikely to be a problem related to your site, but rather the accounts of commenters being mistakenly flagged as spammers by our spam filter. Only the team at Akismet can investigate and fix that, as I indicated above.

    That said, to check an issue with your site we need specifics, e.g. we’d need to know which user, on which post, when they left the comment, and preferably we’d have to be able to see the comment still in the spam folder, i.e. not yet marked as not-spam by you.

    So the next time a commenter makes you aware of this or you discover an incorrectly spammed comment in your spam folder, don’t do anything and let us know those details so we can take a look at what’s going on.





    Please read my comment above. If your comments on a site is being marked as spam, please contact support at our spam filter provider, Akismet, directly. They’re the only people who can check whether your account might be incorrectly flagged.



    I’ll admit my problems started weeks ago.
    BUT this past week we have experienced an escalation of SPAM problems to long time posters. We even had 2 more posters added yesterday, so we’re up to 6. I find it hard to believe that all these user accounts have all the sudden been flagged by Akissmet. One of the posters even has their own WP Blog with Zero issues, so I don’t see how account flagging can possibly the problem. Your response puts all the responsibility on the Admin to resolve as none of us blockees have access to the SPAM bucket. He’s already added to this thread that the deluge of SPAM is burdonsome. It might be helpful if someone at WordPress could also escalate on our behalf. It’s beginning to look like a “targeted” problem for our Blog.



    She’s right!!!! Brand new author just debuted today…..I went to HIS BIN! He can’t pull me out…cuz he is BRAND NEW! I have no way of showing you that I’m in there! Now Do something Please!!!! Someone on WP knows! They helped churchmouse out! I am NOT a spammer!!! I have my own damn blog! I am a regular poster on WQTH! FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I just got this back from Askimet….

    Their response….which i can’t paste HERE for some reason…..Basically helps control comments on MY blog…But does NOT have anything to do with ME being marked as SPAM!!!! THis is something controlled by WP!!!! Please Help!




    If this was a User account marked as SPAM by Akissmet, the poster would/should be blocked accross the ENTIRE BLOG and other WP sites!!
    This is not the case for me and others. We are being randomly blocked from different Author posts on the WQTH Blog ONLY.

    Those of us who are not Admins or Authors cannot give you an example of a SPAM post, because we cannot see it and have no access to the Spam bucket.

    Please Help Fix This!!



    Ok– What if I ask each author to respond to me directly..I can reply in the sidebar..and it posts.. Will this work?
    I did this this with Blog owner and I can comment on his posts… Is this the magical formula? Please respond…


    @realmarica did you get back to them explaining what the actual problem is? As @kokkieh explained, the Akismet team can check if your account was marked as Spam and help you unmark it as such.



    Their reply was that they don’t control MY comments to another Blog…They control the Spam that comes to MY BLOG!!!!! Everybody is blaming….The OTHER GUY! One of you…………Can fix this!!!!



    Can you ask if WP can create a work around for board owners who have commenters going to spam…Like allow us to create a white list of allowed commenters so this won’t happen again and again!



    I have contacted Akismet, they are looking at the IP problem.


    Why is WP sending ALL my posts to the Spam bin when I use the sidebar Reader to Reply???

    That sounds like a WP software issue!!!

    WP, I’m still waiting on a response from YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!



    If the comment is going directly into spam, that would be up to Akismet to address.

    Please wait for them to get back to you.

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