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    since today I have copied for example a word document with tables, I have gone to new article, I clicked ctrl +v and that’s it.
    Since 1 hour after ctrl +v I have the text but without the tables.
    Please, I need help.

    The blog I need help with is:



    Staff have been making changes see here >
    I’ll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.
    Have you tried using Windows Live Writer?



    You should be able to copy the table from a MS Word doc and paste it directly into a post or page.

    In a test I just did, everything worked as expected when I pasted in a table created in MS Word into a test post. If you cannot get it to work, please post a link to the page or post where it’s not working, and also if possible, upload the actual MS Word document to your media library (and let me know what it’s called) so I can take a look on my end and see what’s happening.



    @jackie – did you do the paste in Visual or Text Editor?

    I would think the Visual Editor would strip out or trash the html and the Text Editor would let some of the vile garbage that Word uses for formatting but is junk on the web



    I pasted a table directly into the Visual Editor and it seemed to work fine. There wasn’t any fancy formatting in it, but it was a 4×5 table that pasted perfectly.

    I believe the idea of removing the Paste as Word button is that the new editor shouldn’t require it, but I’m still watching out for edge cases like tables.



    Any one that trusts Microsoft is nuts –

    But nice to know that Word (and I wold guess email) should paste directly in should work – I get stuff that is in PDF, Word and email formats that need to go into a Post – and sometimes that can be a mess

    thanks for checking



    Agreed. I’ve decided to make this thread a catch-all for anyone else who is having trouble with pasting from Word, so I can see how things are working and keep track of the issues for our developers.


    I use Text Edit on Mac – when I copy/paste the text in, my own formatting is lost. Everything is now double spaced and I can’t change it. And when trying to drag the text in, it will not appear on the draft at all. I used to drag it in before the changes just fine.

    If you scroll down to the posts from March 24th and before, you’ll notice the difference in formatting.

    Any work around? Will this issue be resolved?



    When pasting formatted Word 2013 or Wordpad text into the WordPress visual editor it now results in a complete loss of all formatting: italics, bold, paragraph breaks, etc. Switching to the text editor shows no formatting, either. I can’t point you to a specific page on our site as these are attempts at drafts.

    Our site is:

    Our next web issue is slated to come out in just over a week, and this problem has put a kink in our production process. We’d appreciate any insight you can give into fixing this issue or even a short-term workaround!



    Additional Info: this is happening in Firefox 27.0.1



    —> jackiedana

    I made you a word document of some things I was trying to paste from word into the wordpress editor.

    If you look in our media library for a word document called: WordPress sample text that new editor removes all formatting –

    You’ll see a good example of the types of formatting that are ALL getting removed when pasting into my wordpress page/post editor.

    I really need this to be fixed – thanks very much for checking into it!



    For anyone else reading here – I’ve figured out a short term workaround until wordpress figures out what is wrong with their new editor changes.

    You open your word file, then choose File – Save as Webpage. I stuck it on my desktop. You can then open that webpage from your desktop in your browser, or while still in Word, just just File –View as Web page.

    Once you did, then highlight and copy the text you want, go to wordpress visual editor and paste it in.

    This worked! All the formatting was intact, including tables.

    There were a bunch of extra line spaces I had to delete, but, compared to having to re-edit everything as to formatting, this is certainly better than that.

    Hope this helps!


    When I cut and paste from word, I lose ALL formatting, which was never a problem before. Links, bold, italics, paragraph breaks, footnotes–all gone. This has doubled my workload.


    I vote to bring the paste from Word button back. This will also increase the time to do blogging. It’s not an improvement. We had a text only paste button before and it worked fine.

    My posts are coming from emails from my writers, so not in Word on my computer, so I can’t do the workaround, like mcclaughry suggested.



    I’ve been able to copy and paste from MS Word and keep the formatting (just bold, italics, spacing and some bullets) until today. I just get a block of plain text. NONE of the formatting. I was able to do this just fine last week.

    I don’t see how this is an improvement. Your posts make it seem like it should be better, and it’s worse. What are you doing to fix this?

    Thanks mcclaughry – that’s a great solution. I was able to get it to work when I opened the saved webpage in my browser and copied and pasted from there.




    Great! Glad it helped. I know I was NOT very happy with the idea of having to re-enter all that formatting, so I was pretty jazzed myself when it worked.



    @the WordPress Editors here

    On a more positive note, there is one thing that I just noted that is a GREAT change.

    In the past, whenever you would put a couple line spaces between text and an image to separate them better, when you saved the draft it would wipe them out!

    The only way that I could get the spaces to stay is that I head to stick special coding in the text editor.

    But now, when I put blank spaces and save draft – they stay!


    That is very, very nice – definitely saves me some time that way.

    Thanks very much for that improvement.



    @wordpress editors

    Another positive improvement others may not have noticed yet (I know I just found out about it) is that it used to be whenever you would copy some text in Virtual Editor, that you had colored some text in, when you would paste it in the new area of your post – the coloring would vanish.

    Now it STAYS.

    That’s another cool change – saves some time there too.



    Also I have problems with copying Word Tables to my Blog and Home Page i WordPress. You find an example (with some explanations) here:

    And please, give us back the “more colors” :-)


    Improvement? Don’t make me laugh!
    I have been an enthusiast for WordPress for years, encouraging others to give it a try. But now ..?
    All the effort I put into an attractive look to my writing .. waste of time. And I’m still trying to see the gain. For years the “Copy for Word” approach has worked faultlessly. Then some techie comes along and makes “improvements”.
    I much appreciate McClaughry’s work-around. But it is still an unnecessary extra burden .. and for what massive improvement?
    If things carry on like this .. I’m outta here.

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