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    Hi Support,

    I’ve recently started a new blog: but I’m having some trouble with images on the front page.

    As you click on my blog link, you can only see the title of the post as opposed to the image. You can see the image when you click on the post title- but how can I get it to display on the preview on the front page?

    I’ve tried adding the ‘More’ tag after it, and have also tried setting the image to show as a ‘featured image’ (which is how it is currently set), but you aren’t able to see the full picture.

    Is there any way around this that anyone knows of? The theme I am using is Fresh & Clean if that helps at all? :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Please read the theme description carefully and note the dimensions required by the theme for featured images and the excerpt function.
    Featured Images
    Sticky Posts Featured Slider: 840 x 280
    Thumbnail: 160 x 120

    Featured Images as Post Thumbnails
    If you add a Featured Image to non-sticky posts, or if you add a small Featured Image to a Sticky Post, that image will appear as a prominent post thumbnail beside the post on the front page, archive pages, and in search results.


    Hi timethief, thanks for the reply! I’ve had a look but I don’t think setting a ‘featured image’ is what I’m after exactly, so I might have got that wrong (apologies!) as I’d like the image to be seen in the main body of the post.

    I just want images to display in posts on the front page as they do when you click on the title. Does that make sense? And if so, is there any known way to do this?



    The full image is in the body of the post. If you want that image to display on the front page of the blog then you have to follow what’s said for excerpts in the theme description on each and every post you publish.

    Post Excerpts
    Fresh & Clean displays post Excerpts on the front page, archive pages, and the search results page instead of the full post content. WordPress can automatically generate an Excerpt (using the first paragraph of your post), or you can write one yourself. Since Excerpts only display text, you may wish to write your own for any posts you have that contain only images or video.

    You create a post in the visual editor including the image.
    Then you switch to the HTML editor and copy all of the code there.
    Next you paste the code into the excerpt box below the post editor.
    Lastly, you publish the post.

    [opinion] This theme does not your post content ie. images well at all. I would choose another theme. [/opinion]



    That theme does not work that way, apparently.



    I forgot a word above. “This theme does not suit your post content ie. images well at all.”


    Thanks so much for all your help timethief. I’ll give it a go, and if it doesn’t work, it might be time to switch themes :)



    It will work alright. I’ve used this theme and speak from experience. The question is: Do you want to have to do that with each and every post in order to override the automatic excerpt function?


    Sorry to bother you again timethief- do you know where to find the HTML code to use? I’m not very HTML-savvy!



    Switch from the “Visual” editor to the “HTML” editor.


    Oh, ignore me! I’m being silly, I’ve found it now!

    timethief, you are utterly awesome. Thank you so, so much for your time on this.



    Glad to help and you’re welcome. :)

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