Post appearing on a page it should NOT be on?

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    Under the categories section the correct page has been checked off. The post appears on the correct page BUT it also appears on an other page where other posts are located. How can I have the post only appear in the specified page? Thanks in advance!



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    At all actual posts will always show up on the main page as well as any category pages they’re filed under. There is no way to avoid this behavior.


    What you can do is set a static front page and then NOT set a blog page. Include the categories widget in your sidebar and in the static main page, tell your readers to select which category they are interested in.

    The theme you are using does not support top navigation custom menus, but it does support the custom menu widget. So alternately, you can use the static front page and then create a custom menu and use the custom menu widget in the sidebar and include your categories in the custom menu. In the following support page, scroll down to the “additional information” section for a list of which themes support the custom menu in the top navigation position. (All themes support the custom menu widget though.)

    One thing to know though is that static main pages are not well liked by search engines. They like to see fresh content regularly on the main page, that is why many, many businesses are now setting up blogs and then featuring a blog post or two in a section on the main page of their website.

    The other thing you could do, is use a static front page and switch to one of the themes here that support custom menus

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