Possibly related posts – what is this???

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    Possibly related posts

    Why are other peoples links of “possibly related posts” showing up under my own posts?

    How do I get rid of it?

    I don’t want my visitors to be clicking on other people links under my posts, that is horrible, when did wordpress start doing that? Help, I want it gone!!



    dashboard -> design -> extras



    I was liking this feature until I got a “Related link” that was bloody and entirely inappropriate.

    Is there any way to edit out just certain of the links, or is it “all or nothing”?

    (Or for that matter, I’d like to add some links that are more “related” than those posted….)



    Hello sulz,

    Unfortunately, dashboard>design>extras does not prevent links to possibly related posts from appearing under my post. It simply allows me to prevent my own posts appearing on others’ blogs.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to remove these unwanted links?



    Update: sorry, sulz, you were right. I just went back and checked that second box under extras and it does eliminate all possibly related links. It is just the WordPress explanation that is misleading ;-)



    Hi all – very active conversation – :)

    The goal of the new feature is to create opportunities for readers to discover more content that is related to what you’re writing about. We’ve included content from your archives, from other WordPress.com blogs and for Mainstream Media sites (MSM).

    Like any technology, we’re making lots (and lots) of tweaks on the fly to get the filters properly tuned. While subjective, we’ve been successful in making these tweaks on a large number of partner sites (www.sphere.com) so I’m hopeful (with a little patience and goodwill), we’ll make improvements as we go along. In the meantime, you’re input is really critical for us to make those improvements, so please keep sending.




    Yeah, I really don’t like this new feature. I’d like to shut it off. It’s especially annoying when the supposedly related posts have absolutely nothing to do with my site. I have a yoga blog, and I’m getting links to football sites!



    I like the idea, but agree there are problems. I’m getting links to stuff I don’t necessarily agree with, and unrelated posts.

    How about you suggest those related links to the blog author at publish time, and let the blog author decided whether to include them with the post.



    LOL. I made a post about an unpopular Maine tax on beer and wine:

    ( \\http://lancedutson.wordpress.com/2008/04/25/bee/ )

    …and this is what I got as a related post:


    Your software must have known this was Maine. ;-)




    OUCH. I just read the second link.

    Sorry. That feature HAS to go!



    The only “Possibly related posts” I want to appear… are possibly related posts WITHIN MY OWN BLOG.

    How do I turn THAT feature on?

    And leave the external content off…



    inel: glad to help. :) it is pretty tricky.

    trollfighter and brucewagner: it is possible with the css upgrade; staff, however, doesn’t encourage or recommend it because it’s seen as gaming the system (people link to your blog but you don’t).



    Nice idea, but will take a lot more AI before it will really work. Too bad it was just dumped into our blogsinstead of being presented as a possible option.



    WordPress does not present possible options. That is not the way they do things.

    There is a thread that’s been around for months in which people have been asking for this feature, but I don’t think any of them expected it would mean links would be put on their blog to mainstream for-profit media sites like Time Magazine and so on, who do not display corresponding links back to the blogosphere. The idea itself is very popular, but this implementation needs a great deal of work for it to gain wide support.

    sulz, it is apparently no longer possible, even with the CSS upgrade, to style out external links on the Related Links feature. It’s all or nothing.


    I would like this feature removed from my blog at once! I want control over what’s on my pages and I don’t want any external links on there that I haven’t authorized.

    If wordpress wants to offer such a feature, bloggers should at least have the option of shutting it off on their blog if they don’t like it.

    If this feature remains a mandatory part of wordpress blogs, I will take my blog elsewhere. Sorry.



    You DO have the option of shutting it off. Read all the posts in the thread, because the instructions are right here.



    terrible, terrible, terrible “feature”. actually I like the idea in theory, but only if you made it optional FIRST and not unleash it on me without notice. for example, I’ve got a “family blog”…mostly updates on the kids for the grandparents. so please explain to me why one of my posts was “possibly related” to a post about a, ahem, “threesome”. you’re thisclose to me fleeing to another service if you try crap like that again.



    this is completely unacceptable.

    my blog is a huge part of my business – i DO NOT WANT it linking to outside and often inappropriate content!

    i feel violated!!!!



    OK – i turned it off too – at least i think i did – by going to design > extras – but wordpress doesnt explicitly say that no posts will show up on your blog, only that you are turning off the ability for yours to show up on other blogs…i guess thats their way of creating an “incentive” for you to leave the feature on…

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