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    i DO NOT WANT POSTS TITLED “CHILD ABUSE” APEARING ON A POST WHERE I AM TALKING ABOUT PAINTING WITH MY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes I am SHOUTING!
    please explain why your system is so stupid
    secretgallery.org a site about my partner and i, our gallery and our children.


    Send the link to the post in to support, which in the case of inappropriate posts, is what staff has requested.

    You can turn the possibly related posts off by going to design > upgrades.


    Oops, my bad, design > EXTRAS.


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    thanks thesacredpath, all turned off, much to my sadnes as I liked the feature.


    Send the information in to support. I expect they are constantly making adjustments, and I know they want feedback on it.


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    The problem was not the content of the post, it was a good post, the problem was with the title “child abuse” It does not matter to most of my readers who do not click on such links what the content is but “the title” is seen by all. Why not have a keyword censor on title?


    Like I said, send the info in to staff.



    Here is the link to send the info to staff


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    Thanks link sent into staff


    For goodness sakes, wordpress peoples – I’ve just had to turn off possibly related posts, because it generated links to blogs that were possibly offensive to me or my readers – one borderline pornographic, one religious (and why yes, I do find being subject to religion offensive), and one that I can’t remember now.

    I would like to keep the feature going, I’m happy to ensure that you keep on getting traffic because I know that more traffic sells more advertisements which means that your wages get paid and we get to keep on enjoying the free service. But the linking is far too simplistic.

    Someone suggested this elsewhere: why not generate a list of links that I can edit, so that I can choose links that I am fairly sure my readers will be interested in.



    I agree with inastrangeland – I just turned off that feature today, despite rather liking the idea, because it decided my random little poem about the sun rising was related to a questionable page about a celebrity. Um, hello? That came completely out of left field.

    If there were even just the option to eliminate particular links that I dislike or find to be wholly unrelated to my actual post, that would be great. I love the idea behind the feature, but not its current execution.



    Tell staff directly for the greatest effectiveness, via your dashboard Support button. I know they are actively soliciting feedback as they redesign the feature.



    Hi all. Yes, please let us know if Related Posts isn’t working in the way you expect and want. Here’s the link to contact Support: http://wordpress.com/contact-support/

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