Plz recommend best close match to iNove theme

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    Hi, I was using iNove theme till now, and found that it is retired now. Was looking for similar themes, but could not found any. Can any one of you please recommend a similar free theme for me?

    The blog I need help with is




    The iNove theme has been retired since April 2013, or earlier. So unless you’re encountering problems with that theme, or want to use newer features that it might not be compatible with, then sticking with that theme might not be such a bad idea. I don’t think you’ll find a newer theme quite like that one anymore. There were a number of similar ones around the time that I started with some dozen years ago, but I believe they’ve all been retired. However, I’ll tag the topic for staff attention. Staff will respond here.

    Incidentally, the theme I’m using on my primary site was also retired several years ago and it’s still working fine.



    Thanks for your response. I’m looking for a new team, as google is sending me emails that the iNove theme has “AMP issues”. Just want to learn due to this issue will my blog SEO will be affected? If not then I’ll stick to this theme only, as none of the team in WP is looking close to it.


    All of the themes can be browsed from the showcase at

    That page can be filtered by layout styles, or features. That theme uses a side bar for widgets and you can search that in the showcase.




    Hi. Is a theme such as iNove that was retired long ago more susceptible to SEO problems than newer themes, and particularly to issues with AMP? Or as @sqlwithmanoj asks,

    …as google is sending me emails that the iNove theme has “AMP issues”. Just want to learn due to this issue will my blog SEO will be affected?



    In general your theme shouldn’t have any direct impact on SEO. Search engines care about your content, not about how it is displayed.

    Where the theme can have an impact is if the theme causes the site to take long to load, or if the theme is not mobile-friendly – search engines, especially Google, give a definite preference to mobile-responsive websites, as the majority of online searches happen on mobile devices.

    AMP is something completely separate from the theme, and is available on all sites, regardless of the theme one is using. The AMP version of a site is essentially a completely separate site on its own unique theme, specifically optimised for mobile search results. Without more specific details on the error the OP is seeing I can’t say how the theme could be causing issues with the AMP version of the site.

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