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    Plug-ins: Your business model is odd. If I buy a car that is a base unit but add air conditioning – is that not a plug-in analogy. Yet you insist that I buy the Top of he Line Chrome-plated version of your site before I can get a simple AMP plug-in. All this does is drive me to other sites or move my site to another host.

    The blog I need help with is


    I think the business model is fine. The majority of sites here are hosted on a shared environment. engineers ensure this environment is secure with no down time by only installing by default the most popular plugins that have been checked and tested. There are millions of plugins available. Many don’t get updated/patched/fixed as time goes on. Allowing just one unsafe plugin to be uploaded by anyone to one site could potentially affect thousands of other sites.

    Business plan sites are secured individually and consequently one site going down wouldn’t affect other Business plan sites. This costs more to implement/monitor.

    PS: AMP is already installed on all sites.

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