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    Hello, I just did a reblog from a certain site that was giving away a free giveaway.. now when I click on that site from my page, an Error message appears saying something like.. Attackers must be present to snatch away your password or credit cards etc blah blah…

    May I know why this is being happening? Should I remove the reblogged content altogether? Or is it something else?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. This looks like an error that often happens with blogs that have their own domains. can’t issue security certificates for every site that has a custom domain, so your browser will sometimes give a warning when you try to visit that site, as that domain doesn’t match the security certificates for If you change the URL from to (i.e. remove the “s” in “https”) then you won’t see that error. And if your browser gives you the option, it’s also safe to set this site as an exception, then it won’t be blocked for you again.

    You won’t be able to change the actual links in the reblog, so your readers might still experience this problem. You can perhaps give them the explanation I gave you via a comment on that reblogged post of yours.


    Thanks for this info.. already a few ppl have clicked on that link, how can I find out if they actually reached?



    I’m afraid there’s no way to find that out.

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