Please save me from the block editor

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    I came to work on my blog this morning and found that I was forced to use the WordPress block editor (I had been reverting to classic as long as possible and assumed they would keep allowing it). I am using WP under the Personal plan on I know there is a classic plugin, but that would require updating the plan.

    Is there ANY workaround that doesn’t require me to spend $300 a year and/or move my site from WordPress? Because I cannot use this block editor AT ALL.

    Did they even usability test this thing? I can’t imagine that they did.

    I have never used such an awful interface. Here are some of the immediate problems:
    –You can’t see your cursor – REALLY?
    –You can’t really effectively move between sections
    –it’s impossible just to WRITE and type with all the block activities constantly interrupting you.
    –Every time you scroll, the page has to reload so it takes twice as long
    –Most features are hidden, so you cant’ actually just insert an image
    –It appears that they got rid of the simple text wraparound (like I can’t write the text and then insert an image).
    –It takes forever to load
    –Even scheduling posts is awful
    –I can’t paste in from Word

    I can go on, but you get the idea.

    I tried hacking it by LITERALLY WRITING IN HTML but the block editor wasn’t happy with that either and had to add in a bunch of its own code. Please help me.

    The blog I need help with is




    I agree that the Block Editor is nightmare, due to issues such as those you’ve listed and countless others. has recently combined the Calypso and WP-Admin sidebars into one, as described here: The damage can be partially remedied by choosing the “Show advanced dashboard pages” at Account Settings > Dashboard Appearance.

    The Classic Editor is still available to all users, and it’s still free. Here’s the Classic Editor support page, and the recently revised How to Access the Classic Editor section of that support page.

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