Please restore the tab order the way it worked 2 weeks ago

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    Two weeks ago, when you edited a new post, this was the tab order:

    1- press “Edit” next to “publish immediately”
    2- Press Tab (now you were on the next field: “month”)

    Currently, at step 2 you are now at the top-left corner of your screen in a suddenly appearing link called “Skip to main content”.

    Now you need to hit the tab key about 30 times to get to the “month” field.

    This is most likely caused by the removal of the synchronization of keyboard focus and mouse focus somewhere in the WordPress code.

    Please restore the previous behaviour.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there!

    Thanks for your report. We’re currently looking into this to see if we can provide a good solution for you. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update!




    thanks, please keep me posted.



    Hi there,

    We’ve taken a look at this bug. The bug originates from Webkit, the rendering engine of several web browsers such as Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari. Unfortunately, this leaves the bug somewhat out of our control. We will look into possible workarounds as well as report the bug to browser vendors.

    Sorry that we couldn’t be of more help. I recommend using Mozilla Firefox ( as an alternative until this bug is fixed.

    Best regards



    Any progress on this one?

    You supported this in the past, so I don’t see why WebKit is the problem here. I didn’t update Chrome in the period where the problem appeared.



    Hi jpluimers,

    Unfortunately I don’t have anything to report back at this point. This issue isn’t a high priority at this time. Since the issue is in the core WordPress software and not specific to, you can track its progress here: and even contribute some code if you are able to.

    As a side note:

    I didn’t update Chrome in the period where the problem appeared.

    Chrome automatically updates as updates are released, so you wouldn’t necessarily know if you did update. See for additional information.



    As I am a software developer, I have my Chrome in manual update mode, hence I know this for sure.



    Looking at the ticket, the checkin was about 7 weeks ago, with some lead time to get it to that coincides with the moment I saw the issues.

    Which means that older Chrome versions also had the issue.

    Which means I can safely update to the latest Chrome.

    I think the beste solution is to emit the generation of the toolbar to the top of the HTML source. Then you don’t need to mess with tabindex, and all browsers will be happy.

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