Please remove the sidebar. Seriously…

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    Right so in your efforts to make the place better, you are of course going the opposite direction. After each post I make, between 3 and six every day, I now get a very annoying sidebar when I post something. It appears as I publish a post and stays visible when I view the site to get the link I need. Sure there´s a “close side-bar” button, but pressing that doesn´t remove the problem.
    Before the sidebar came, I could publish a post, view it, get the link, and press back on the broswer. That would take me directly back to the dashboard in order for me to make another post. Easy.
    Now I publish a post, get a notification in the sidebar that I have published a post (duh), view the page WITH the sidebar present. I get the link, close the sidebar and press back. Result? I only go back to the same page, it reloads, then press back again brings back the sidebar I just closed, pressing a third time on the back button and I get the page without the sidebar and finally pressing back a fourth time brings me back to the dashboard. How the f*** is this easier?
    I started using WP early this year and it was soooo easy to use. One button to add new post, now it´s three clicks and then the annoying sidebar?

    The blog I need help with is


    Agree – most stupid feature ever. Go to Users > Personal Settings, uncheck “Show the feedback and progress sidebar after posting”, click Save Changes.


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    Not quite the most stupid feature, but it was getting on my nerves almost enough to make me look for a way to turn it off.
    So thanks!


    @tess: I think WP staff must take a year-long vacation or find a mate or something. Seriously.


    Thansk for the help to remove the sidebar. Just weird how WP themselves are not able to offer an answer, when everyone else is rather quickly….


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    We’re volunteers so we are here for the fun of it…

    hmm… my daughter isn’t married.
    But let’s not go there.


    @1tess. Ok…? Who is her as volunteers? The admins? The ones making the wp work?
    Sorry I don´t get who you are referring to…



    Why couldn’t they just add the feedback part on Tags etc to the old regular just published page? Does someone think we are not smart enough to find the “Preview” Button, or go look at the Post itself?

    @1tess. Ok…? Who is her as volunteers?

    Most anyone such as Tess, Panos, myself, TT & TSP are not paid volunteers – the paid staff have Gold “Staff” things by their name – or Happiness Engineer – there are a few other staff titles.


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    We are mostly volunteers here in these forums.

    You can tell who is staff because they have a greyish box around their gravatar/username and a designation such as “Staff” or “Happiness Engineer” or “Theme Wrangle” and so on

    Moderator just means I delete spam posts here: I’m a regular volunteer…

    Panos was matching my joke about the most stupid new features being rapidly introduced by the powers-that-be at WordPress (some “features” may not well tested before they are applied). Just saying a vacation or something to distract them could be a good idea.

    So when one has to explain a joke, it’s obviously not funny. So I apologize to you.


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    Thanks for clearing it up.

    Btw, I didn´t ask for an explanation of the joke. I just didn´t comment on it.


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    All’s well, then, that ends well.

    I’ll close this topic…

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