Please remove gay pride banner from my blog

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    I am highly offended the way my TECHNICAL blog is being used to promote a “gay marriage” proposal in Australia.

    I have helped thousands of people worldwide, regardless of their political affiliations, with my helpful posts – 300 so far and counting!

    My blog is not there to take a stance in the “gay marriage” issue. And I’ll be forced to remove it after years and years if you insist on tarring me as a political activist.

    Please cease this abuse immediately.

    The blog I need help with is:


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    It seems the rainbow banner is only being displayed to administrators – not those not logged in.

    Still, it doesn’t fit the theme of the page, and there’s no point to it.



    Can you explain a little more? Is this an ad? Where is this displaying?


    I understand that the banner is on ALL sites but only visible to visitors located in Australia. You can read further threads from people both for and against this by typing “rainbow banner” into the forums search box.



    And here’s why:

    WordPress support marriage equality — if you are offended by this you have two options:

    1. Leave WordPress (the world’s favourite CMS)
    2. Get over yourself! 🏳️‍🌈



    Hello folks, Staff have replied in this earlier forum thread regarding the banner in support of Australian marriage equality: which is shown to all site visitors from Australia.

    These forums are moderated to prevent abuse of our platform, staff, and other community members. When you post to these forums, your posts are subject to our community standards.

    As the reason for the banner display has been answered, I’m closing this thread to further discussion.

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