Please help.

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    I have a payment I want back, I cannot log into the account I am paying for so I am sending from another account, and I just want to delete the whole thing.
    Please, help me come in contact with someone – who can help me with this.

    The blog I need help with is



    no, the blog I need help with is, but I cannot log in there.
    Please help.


    Hi there!

    You’ll want to log into the correct account to either manage the purchases yourself or ask us to do that for you. The username for that account is victoriaudnaes.
    If you don’t remember the password, you can reset it from this link:

    If you still need help accessing your account, please check out this page and fill out the Account Recovery form:



    Hi again,
    Thank you so much, I can finally access this account.
    I would like my payment back, as I am never going to use this.
    How do I go forward with that?


    I can cancel your Premium plan for you, however, it’s past the refund time for the domain (it’s 96h since the purchase). So, the domain price would be deducted from the total price and you’ll receive a refund of $99.

    You can keep the domain until it expires or transfer it to another host if you’d like to keep using it with another site.

    If that sounds good to you, please confirm you’d like to cancel Premium. This will remove any custom code you have on your site, if you’re using a premium theme it will be changed to a free one.



    Thank you, I just found out. 99 is better than nothing.
    So thank you for your help :-)


    No problem. Looks like you’re all set :)

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