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    My followers seem to get ads when they receive my subcribed emails. I know WordAds introduced that option.

    Please disable the feature for my site. My email notifications should lead to my site, and not to third-parties. Like it always has been. Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Dennis,

    I’ve forwarded your request to our ads team. I’ll let you know once I hear back from them.


    Ok thanks for the help! :)



    Hi Dennis,

    I’m afraid we cannot disable those in-email ads.

    Additionally, it appears you currently have WordAds switched off – the ads you’re seeing at the moment are the ads we show for free sites, as your site is still on the free plan. I recommend you switch WordAds back on so at least you’ll get paid for these ads :)



    Ok here comes my feedback. I never had any issues with ads, not even before I discovered WordAds. When I started with many years ago (2011) on a free plan, I added a domain and was totally fine with the fact that ads were shown, because in return I got the benefits of free cloud hosting and what not. Win/Win.

    Now to the negative point. Now when I see that they come years later and change certain conditions, like out of the sudden annoying my readers with ads, which eventually leads to losing subscribers… I am getting a bit mad about WordPress. :) Take this as my feedback. Showing ads is absolutely fine, but pissing off my readers or exploiting “email list” to redirect people to third party sites before they even open mine, that’s almost an insult against your loyal userbase.

    It also brings up question. Like, what comes next? Will you maybe start in the future to swap htlm links, pointing those that click on links into directions we can’t control? Will you re-introduce ugly ad popups of the 90`s at some point to make more money? You get my point… I am totally fine about generating revenue, because in return we get something as well. But there is definitely a border. Exploiting our subscription list is a big “fu.. off” to your loyal users. Sounds hard, but to me it looks like a middle finger. It also looks like absolute greed.

    I will definitely write about this practice on my blog, if this policy won’t be changed anytime soon. I don’t like how you change certain conditions after years. It’s absolutely not beneficial, not for wordpress and not for us bloggers. It feels like you want to press us into the direction to subscribe to one of the plans with NoAds feature. And again, I’ve been fine with ads on my page, but absolutely not in my emails.

    I’d activate WordAds again today, but I am unhappy with the fact that despite all those alternatives, there is just the payment method via PayPal. That’s something the team should work on in my opinion. There are tons of alternative options. I am one of the guys who reads ToS changes and over the last years PayPal introduces quite some changes that I personally don’t support. I don’t use PayPal anymore, which is why I don’t use WordAds anymore.

    And then again, even if I would start using WordAds again (always been happy with it), the issue would be still there. I don’t support the idea that I am losing subscribers before they even land on my page because you guys out of the sudden decided to spam our subscribers with ads in emails, the worst form of marketing that has ever excisted if we don’t count popups in. That type of stuff died in the 90`s and you guys want it back.

    Exploiting the email list of bloggers is really one of the most stupid things you could have come up with. As an option fine, but forcing it, that’s horrible. Is there not enough revenue generated with the ads on the site? That’s always been fine for everyone on a free plan I think. Is that still not enough?


    Hi Dennis,

    And again, I’ve been fine with ads on my page, but absolutely not in my emails.

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. Decisions around ads are made by a different team to those of us who staff these forums. While I’m unable to give you any more information about what may change with ads (ad policy, emails etc), I can pass on the points you’ve raised for review. If the ads team give me any more information I will pass it on to you but if not, they will have seen your feedback.


    Thanks for forwarding. I hope this practice stops, it’s pretty spammy. Thanks for forwarding my feedback.


    You’re very welcome!



    Thanks Dennis for your detailed feedback. We are always concerned when long-time publishers don’t favor new programs. If would like to better understand what are your options with WordAds and no ads options please get in touch with our happiness engineers and we can discuss that with you.

    I can assure you that Automattic will never run pop-up ads or other bad ad placements. We believe we run fewer ad placements than most any media sites and we won’t change course on that. Within Automattic’s ads program, we view one of our big wins in making the Internet better is that we prevent bad advertising practices. On we block freelanced advertising that would include pop-ups, pop-under, malvertising, and more.

    So there’s no misunderstanding, Automattic is not exploiting email lists for ad money. There are no ads-only emails going out now. We are just including ads at the bottom of blog posts distributed via email.

    While I understand how one might make the connection between spam and email I don’t think that publishers that send ads within their email newsletters are spammers. Email spam, or junk email, is unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email. Placing ads in emails allows sites to recoup the costs of sending emails.

    If you look at the pricing of bulk email programs it’s costly to send emails. Due to these costs, it’s common for large publishers to run ads in their posts sent via email. You will find ads in emails from the New York Times, BabyCenter, The Washington Post, Elle, Better Homes and Gardens, CNN, Readers Digest, and many other sites.

    Prior to launching ads in emails we spoke with sites like this to ask them if they had evidence that they had lost subscribers to ads in emails and none indicated that they had evidence that they had lost subscribers due to ads.

    Regarding alternatives to Paypal we do indeed receive this request for alternatives from others. We have investigated alternative options and will be in touch when there is an update.


    As I said, I’ve been and I am a supporter of both, and WordAds since quite some time. I am here since 2011. You did some great stuff and I suggested all over the place in the internet when people asked for good blogging platforms (I’m not kidding).

    I just want to raise my voice that I am not happy with the ads in the emails. In fact I’ve been fine with the fact that there were random ads on my site before I started using WordAds myself (because yes I got something in return), but now you come after 8 years and change the conditions like “Hey, now we will use your email list to forward people to third-party sites”. I absolutely don’t like that. I am not building my site to make people click third-party links in my emails before they even open mine. And given the click-bait nature of these ads, they’re basically competing with our content.

    I’ve been told in this thread by a happiness engineer that there are no options. And if you mean with options that I have to get on a plan, that’s not going to happen. I have a domain, that’s enough. I don’t pay twice as much just now just because you guys had the glorious idea to change the conditions for us to the worst. Making these changes are the reasons why I lose trust, because next time you might remove the No-Ads feature from the personal plan, making us again pay more… given the fact that you make these significant changes, it’s hard to build up trust.

    And by the way, this is how it looks like. It appears like you want to push us on a plan, making domain owners pay twice as much as before.

    Talking about alternative to PayPal, thanks for letting me know. Alternatives are long overdue. There are similar services to PayPal. And you also missed the recent trend with blockchain technology like Ethereum and Bitcoin, you could pay our via USD through BitPay or Coinbase if you are concerned about volatily on your side. Volatility is not an issue anymore for merchants and services like yours.



    Thanks @diaryofdennis, we’ll make sure they see your further comments.

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