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    Hello, I’d like to upgrade my one-page website to a multi-page website that visitors can see all my services on different pages with pictures and details, pay the deposit, sign a contract (or accept terms), and book on the website. First, is it possible for your builder? If yes, what plan should I go for? Thanks in advance.

    The site I need help with is [visible only to staff] (redacted)/. It is not hosted by or connected with Jetpack. This site is not linked to my account.



    Hi there, this is definitely possible with our builder! Addressing each point:

    You can build a multi-page website using any plan. Personally I’d recommend our Premium if you don’t need outside plugins and themes, and Business if you do.

    Conceptually, people could fill out a form to accept terms on any plan. I assume you’d want this to be part of the booking / deposit process though, correct? That should be doable with one of the options I’ll share below..

    Regarding booking and deposits, there are three options I could recommend:

    1) Booking with Calendly, and paying separately using a payments block.
    This would work on our Premium plan with any Calendly account. You can embed the scheduler like so:

    And here’s a video on the Payments Block. We have more documentation as well if you need it:

    2) Booking with Calendly and paying at the same time, through Calendly
    They offer their own Premium option for that on their site.

    3) Using the Business plan with WooCommerce and a Booking and Scheduling Plugin

    This one requires plugins, but also gives you more flexibility in how you choose to set it up. You can find several booking plugins here:

    Does that help? I’m sure you’ll think of other questions, so feel free to share them here, or if you’d like you can buy a plan and talk with support directly. If it doesn’t work out, you can get a refund if you end up cancelling. We have more details on the timelines for that here:



    Oh! I did notice your current site’s quote form offers file attachments. That is actually not built into Premium right now, so it would need plugins (aka the Business Plan) to work, unless you can have them submit the quote and then respond to your contact with attachments.

    Hoping that helps, too.

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