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    Hi there, I was recently sent a 30% discount offer to upgrade from a free account. Sadly the offer has expired as I wasn’t sure at the time but would now like to upgrade. Is there any way the the offer can be extended, or will there be future offers soon? Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, I’ve tagged staff to help you with this issue. You’ll likely receive a response within a few hours from a staff member:

    Hope this gets resolved soon. :)


    Howdy –

    Please let me know which plan you wanted to upgrade to. Happy to help.


    Thank you :)

    It’s the premium plan I’m looking at. Can I just check that I’ll be able to upload audio files to my blog posts with that plan? As that’s what I’m after.




    Hi, just to confirm, you can upload audio files directly to your site with any paid plan (including the Personal or Premium Plan). Sites on the free plan can still embed audio if hosted on a popular website though. :)


    ameliacaddytarot – knowing that you can upload audio files to any site on do you still want to upgrade?


    Torres126, that’s awesome, thanks for letting me know!

    Hi Lizkarkoski, I would still like to upgrade, but probably to the Personal plan now.


    ameliacaddytarot – Thanks for the confirmation. I’ve sent a note your way via email and you can follow up with me there if you have any more questions.

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