Piracy of Intellectual Property Via WP

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    I have just discovered a WordPress site offering my intellectual property audio books and ebooks for free. There is no contact information provided. I hesitate to give the URL to the site for public broadcast but I can provide it to WP security via a private email. Please help.
    Blair Howard

    The blog I need help with is blairh252.wordpress.com.



    WordPress.com Terms of Service Staff have authority to act only when copyright infringement on a site hosted by wordpress.com is in evidence and has been reported to them by way of a DMCA notice. https://en.support.wordpress.com/our-dmca-process/

    Read more at Copyright Infringement – What to Do

    Complaints like this one are not dealt with here on the public support forums. Only Terms of Service Staff have authority in such cases and their authority applies to blogs hosted by WordPress.COM, not to any others.

    Abuse – Freedom of Speech:

    Our role as Volunteers is to direct those who post threads here to the relevant support docs like http://en.wordpress.com/abuse/ and request that Support Staff close the thread, as only Terms of Service Staff have authority in these cases.

    Court orders: Cases of defamation and impersonation require a court order before we can take action. Official, signed court orders can be emailed to

    (email redacted)

    Please do not continue to post into this thread and/or to create any other threads of this nature on these support forums.

    File a DMCA notice with the relevant web host.

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