Pique cafe: problems with header image and home page scrolling

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    Hi everyone,
    i am sorry for my bad english, but i’ll try to do my best to explain my site problems.

    I use a header image for my homepage. Now that image is on the top of every page. I didn’t change anything in “settings” and no updates. It’s just changed. Why?

    Second problem: at the same time of the first problem, the homepage scrolling down to old posts now is locked to a determinate point (it should be the ninth old post/page i published some days ago). Why ?

    Thanks everyone for supporting

    The blog I need help with is bellaballo.com.



    I just discovered this thread at https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/feature-images-wont-replace-my-header-image-anymore?replies=1 Please post into it as Staff are helping there.



    Hi! We’ll close this thread. We have an issue filed with Pique and will be updating the main thread when it’s resolved. Cheers :)

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