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    I recently upgraded to the Premium plan, in large part so I could create hidden pins. (The code works great and the pins are hidden until I use the Chrome pin option or the tailwind option which shows all images just as I want)

    HOWEVER, when people use the sharing buttons on the bottom of my post, it only brings up my (horizontal) featured photo to post to pinterest. This is causing some to not pin at all, and others to pin the featured image which doesn’t display well in Pinterest. I contacted support who suggested I add pin options to every photo which I’ve done, but this obviously doesn’t work with hidden images…

    Super frustrated and wishing I hadn’t upgraded to Premium. Please fix this!

    post for example:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    The Premium Plan does not include any enhancements specific to Pinterest sharing, so I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do that required an upgrade.

    Can you give me some more details on exactly what you did, what code you added and where you added it?

    If by hidden pins you’re referring to the Pin It button that appears when you hover over an image, that appears when you use the Official button style when configuring sharing buttons on your site. That feature does not require any upgrade, nor do you need to add any code anywhere in your posts to make that work.

    HOWEVER, when people use the sharing buttons on the bottom of my post, it only brings up my (horizontal) featured photo to post to pinterest.

    The sharing buttons at the bottom are designed to share your post, not specific images, so it would use whatever image you set as the featured image on the post, or if there’s no featured image, the first useable image in the post content.

    Also note your Premium Plan gives you access to live chat support at


    Thanks for the reply. I have gotten live support for this and realize that the sharing button will only share the feature image.

    I upgraded to Premium in order to add a CSS code that hides a pinterest image on the page but shows it when all Images are shown, as in with a Chrome extension. The reason for doing this is to unclutter your post when there are multiple Pinterest images, and speed up the post. This is becoming standard practice and it’s frustrating that WordPress’ sharing buttons don’t support this. I have gotten multiple complaints from people who have tried to pin one of my posts.



    Odd that hiding images with CSS would speed up the post, since they should still load but just wouldn’t be visible.

    For what it’s worth, right now I see the pin when I hover over an image, and I’m able to pin to my board nicely.

    But what I’m hearing is that you’d like to designate a few Pinterest images that don’t show on your post, but do show when you try to pin it. Correct? And right now our “main” Pinterest button automatically picks the featured image, and Pinterest doesn’t let you just change that.

    I did notice if I use the Pinterest browser extension and just click that, I get a few images that I don’t see in the post. Is that what you see too? That’s typically what I use for any pinning.

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