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    I’m using the cubic theme for my blog, but have recently been having trouble with how my photos are formatted on the main page. My featured images used to fill up their entire cube on the home page, but now this doesn’t happen. There is a black border on top and bottom of the image, so the home page no longer looks uniform. I know this is probably a confusing description – I’d be happy to show pictures of my home page. I would appreciate any help figuring this out. Thanks!



    Hi @aymcpherson35, not confusing at all; I’ve seen that before. I took a look at your site and noticed right now, just one image isn’t filling the frame. And it seems that image is a much “longer” format than the others. Can you confirm that’s what you’re seeing, too? And would you be willing to try using an image that’s not the long/panorama format there?

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