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    After struggling myself, and wading through several threads to glean the crucial pieces, I have come up with the following. It is intended as a gift to this community, to make the donate button truly easy for folks.

    I would love people to test it, please. Anything missing? Extraneous? Confusing?

    NOTE: After posting, I see that I cannot make the “href…” part appear. Can a moderator fix that (or tell me how to), please?


    1. Print this page so you can follow the steps easily.

    2. Login in to your PayPal account.

    3. On the tab bar, choose “Merchant Tools”.

    4. In the left sidebar, choose “Website Payment Standards”.

    5. Under “Website Payment Standards” choose “Feature List”.

    6. Scroll down. Under “Payment Processing Options” find “Donations”.

    7. Click “set it up”.

    8. In the “Donation Name/Service” field (blank bar), enter a name for the project.

    9. In the “Donation ID/Number” field, you can enter any number or leave it blank.

    10. In the “Donation Amount” field, leaving it blank lets the donor decide how much to give.

    11. Choose a currency and country. (Probably that which you expect to receive most donations in and from, but you can choose any you like.)

    12. Scroll down to “Security Settings”.

    13. Choose “no” (…as to whether to encrypt. Your email address will display to the donor, but the transaction will be secure.)

    14. Click “Create Button Now”.

    15. Ignore the “HTML Code for Websites” box. I said ignore it.

    16. In the “Link for Emails” box, there is another code. Copy it.

    17. In the gibbledeegook below, use the code you just copied to replace the words “insert website link here”. Leave the quotation marks in.*

    <img src=””>

    18. Copy the whole code you just edited.

    19. Go to the webpage you want your button in. In the “Visual” editor, place your cursor where you want your donate button to go.

    20. Click the “Code” option for the editor. Paste your code in.

    21. Go back to the “visual” editor. You should see a tidy “donate” button.

    22. Click it to test.

    *If you want to put a different donation image in, use the link below. Put the image code where it currently says “insert picture file link here including file extension.gif”. Keep the quotation marks in.

    <img src=”insert picture file link here including file extension.gif”>



    Um, thanks but we already have a walkthru on this.



    Thanks, I found this helpful. I did have to reference the thread Drmike mentions because I wanted to put the donation button in a widget and that is different from what you offered. Otherwise your step by step was perfect and made it very easy to do the PayPal configuration.



    WANT to use PayPal? Why? When PayPal “finds” something “wrong” and freezes your account: how will you get the money owed you? In 2005: PayPal “earned” $100 Million in interest by witholding money 180 days/permanently; draining bank accounts And debiting credit cards same amount, of thousands. Lost suit of NY Attorney General Spitzer, many others pending. Agree to their TOS: rights, protection automatically waived that no other business or bank in the world gets away with; loose credit card protection, worse. Think the balance too small for PayPal to bother freezing? Millions think: maybe they would have to work hard to get up to the level of e v i l….



    Agreed but what else is there?

    edit: I actually can’t stand paypal as I’ve lost money with them and ebay as well.



    There’s Hyperwallet out of Vancouver BC that has some nice features, but I haven’t heard much of them lately, so they might not still be around. Things are so volatile in that world.



    It doesn’t work for everything, of course, but is excellent. –For purchase and for a donation button/program. NOTE: I do NOT know if it is a “java script” thing, which wouldn’t be allowed on WP, but I have it on my website. –After I talked/questioned them for over an hour on the phone. They have more than 55 million customers’ credit card numbers: with no breach, hacking, ID theft or loss. The numbers are stored on entirely different, totally secure system; their ethics, customer service is highly responsive/everything anyone would hope to get. –Long enough track record that, as nervous as that stuff makes me, I’m okay with Amazon, my homework.

    ~Drmike: I am very sorry to hear they ripped you. Perhaps you will be rewarded after Justice Dept., FTC, FBI finish their investigations. I don’t expect to EVER see the refund an eBay seller deposited for me, that PutridPal Kept.


    I tried the “PayPal Donate — Really East Guide” and had no problems until I got to Step. 17. I didn’t see the gibbledeegook anywhere or the words “insert website link here.” Are they on PayPal? Or do we have to leave PayPal to find them? Thanks.



    I am stuck on number 17 too…where do we find the words “insert website link here” ?



    I am also confused by step 17. I think that the first 1/2 of the code has gone missing. However, this is how I did it back in March.

    I put my donate button in a text widget so that it would always show up on the right side of my page. It required three main things. 1. generate a text widgit. 2. generate the PayPal code. 3. find code for the PayPal button.

    Once I had those things (and I sure benefited from this thread and the one that Dr. Mike created) I added the codes to lower half of my newly created text widgit box.

    Here is the code:
    a href=”put rather long paypal code in this area”><img src=”use the code in step above”>

    BE SURE that you put a < before the a href part or it won’t work.

    I had to take the < out to get the code to show up as code. (I think that is why the step 17 doesn’t make sense, it is there, but it isn’t showing up correctly)

    If you would like to put some sort of introduction to your paypal button, put it in front of everything I just listed.



    Oh boy, just when I get this finally figured out, I can’t edit my post above. Oh well, here is the final info

    Here is the code:
    a href=”put rather long personalized paypal generated code in this area leave quote marks in”><img src=””>

    BE SURE that you add a < before the a href part or it won’t work.

    I had to take the < out to get the code to show up as code. (I think that is why the step 17 doesn’t make sense, it is there, but it isn’t showing up correctly)



    Thank you so much. I tried for about an hour to get this working and the walkthrough with eloheim’s additions finally got it set up. You guys are great!



    to those that want to center their donate box in the text widget

    above the code (on its own line), put this: <div align=”center”>

    then below the code (on its own line), put this: </div>

    that should center your donate box.



    THANKS so much eloheim for clearing up step 17! :) have been searching around for days as i couldnt seem to get the button show up on my site.

    thanks too, sockcavern for posting this up.



    Also, if you want to use your own personalized button, you can make it and upload it like a regular image, put it into a Draft as if you were going to make a post, and add the Paypal link and format it including alignment and size and whatever you want, including additional text. Then click over to the Code editor and copy all the code. You can put that in the text widget.



    After HOURS of playing around with this eloheim gave me the magic solution! My members have been asking me for a donation button forever…and finally I have it up and running!

    Thank you also sockcavern, awesome instructions! Clarify step 17 and its perfect.


    when I do this all I get is part of the code and the image of the button but it does not actually work, each time I try and and the correct carrot before that a href and save it it just shows the code and when I go to edit it the carrot was save as some other character.



    “Go to edit it?”

    You should be putting this code into a text widget, not a post, unless you’re trying the customized method I discussed above. If you’re doing the customized method, you make the image and put it in the post, then you get the Paypal URL from the code they give you and link it to that. Then you click to the Code side and copy that code.

    You don’t post code in the Visual editor, because that will never work.


    Using this bastardized version of the donate button outlined by eloheim, is it safe? Or must it be unencrypted?



    it dumps you into paypal’s secure system, so it should be safe.

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