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    Hello, I’m trying to get Automattic to resend a payment from when I was hosted on as a premium member. I switched over to dot org last year… contacting someone about this seems elusive now that I’m not a paying member.
    Help please!
    Thanks in advance,



    Hi Ellen,

    For what payment do you need a receipt?

    You can view receipts for all past payments made by your account on the billing history page at, and you can either print them out or email yourself a copy from there.



    Hi kokkieh,

    I do not need a receipt. I need a payment. As I wrote, I’m trying to get Automattic to resend a payment.

    It was made to me through PayPal. I did not know, and it was sent back to Automattic.

    I should probably give details OFF a public forum, but I have no way to contact customer service since I stopped my premium subscription.




    What payment exactly do we need to resend? Are you speaking of WordAds?

    The last WordAds payment for your account was made on 28 December 2018. There hasn’t been any further payments since then, and that’s the only payment I know of that we would have sent you via PayPal.

    Can you tell me the date of the payment, and what it was for?

    Do you have a PayPal transaction ID for the payment? Don’t post that here, just confirm whether you have one, please.



    Hello, sorry for the delay.
    It was a WordAds payout, on December 28, 2018, and I do have a transaction ID on the email I still have from the PayPal notification.
    Thank you!



    Our end shows that as paid, it has not been returned, and it didn’t encounter any problems being received.

    If you have information that shows otherwise, please do share that with us via help (at) wordpress (dot) com and we’ll see what we can do.

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