Payment Accepted But Stuck On "Processing payment…."

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    I was informed that my yearly payment was approaching soon, and it that it was setup for renewal. Being proactive, I instead chose to pay my plan/domain just now.

    Everything seems to have gone through — the next payment date is in 2019, my bank statement says the dollar-amount charge is pending, I got a receipt/e-mail indicating my purchase — but the page hasn’t officially updated.

    The blue-striped bar is full, and it still reads “Processing payment…” above it. Again, however, everything indicates that it has worked. (It has been 10+ minutes, and it hasn’t changed from this state.)

    I’m just wondering if it’s okay for me to refresh/quit the page and if it would be possible to such confirmation from the mods/backend team. I don’t want any trouble (loss of my domain, my content, or something equally as bad) down the line for one reason or another, so I wanted to reach out to the kind folks at WordPress who could hopefully give me peace of mind.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me! :3

    The blog I need help with is



    Your billing history page is where you can check all transactions and payments

    Have you tried using live chat support?

    This is the support forum for those who have the wordpress.COM free plan. All sites with upgraded plans like yours include access to live chat support. At times when all operators are busy or unavailable, you’ll be able to get through to private email support.



    Oh, wow. Those are very helpful links! Thank you for letting me know of their existence.

    I’ll continue to wait on a response here just in case, but I’ll definitely utilize the live chat right now. Because the page still hasn’t changed in over three hours now….

    Thanks again, timethief! :)



    Hey, all!

    Just wanted to update this post to let future people know that, after contacting WordPress through the live/priority support channel, they confirmed that my payment was successful despite the lagging process bar.

    Thanks again to timethief for the helpful links and those behind the scenes for calming my panic! :)


    Thanks for the update!

    I am removing modlook from the thread, but please feel free to add it back or create a new thread if you have any other questions.


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