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    OMG I am losing my mind here. I was on premium and downgraded to a personal site. This was done for my by the chat support. I logged on to my site today and it’s acid green and purple colors and shockingly bad. I didn’t know what had happened to it and I am so embarrassed I just came back from a meeting where I handed out a load of business cards and I don’t even know how to hide my site until the support staff come back in two whole weeks. I am really panicking. I was told if I downgraded to personal my site would remain the same looks wise, I would just be able to do less with adding content. But now I don’t know if this awful site is the free one or the personal one. I am scared that if I might spend all that money on buying professional now in the wish my site will go back to normal but what if it doesn’t? I spent months and months working on it and I am absolutely devastated. No one is available to help.

    The blog I need help with is



    @thumbell oof, sorry to hear it!

    Premium does have many more customization options, including premium themes, CSS, custom colors, etc. Usually we’d discuss that prior to downgrading.

    I can see you’ve upgraded again and your site is back to normal. We’ll also remind the person you talked to to warn users prior to downgrading.

    Let us know if you need more help!



    I think the problem is I was downgraded to free not personal, despite paying for personal and being told I would be on it.
    I still don’t know I personal is possible as there seems to me no reason why I would need professional. The theme I am using is a free. And seeing as I pay for my domain anyway, I don’t see the point in professional. It doesn’t even allow google analytics! Now I’m stuck with having paid over $100 for something I didn’t even want just because support staff are on vacation.



    Hi there, we’re still here. :) is on the Premium Plan, and I see that you have set some Custom Colors, which is a feature of the Premium Plan not available in Personal:

    Without Custom Colors, the theme you’re using does have a rather striking design, I believe that’s the “acid green and purple colors” you’re referring to:

    So, if you do want to keep the nice blue color palate you currently have, then you do have to keep the Premium Plan, as this is not available under Personal.

    We can certainly help you downgrade that to Personal, but you will lose those custom colors and revert to your chosen theme’s purple/green color palate.

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