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    Is there any consideration being given to allow bloggers to charge for their posts to be read?

    Perhaps prior to publication the blogger could be given the option to charge a reader and then to decide how much?

    A reader would still then get to see a few paragraphs of the post but to read on they would then need to pay the relevant amount.

    And if such a post receives no payment the blogger would still have the option to make it available at no charge by republishing it.

    I appreciate that for many blogging is about sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences with no thought of payment on their mind, treating it as a part-time pass-time.

    And that charging for others to read your blog would in most cases lead to a much-reduced readership in the process.

    But this payment option would make blogging as part of WordPress more professional?

    It might encourage other writers to contribute also who otherwise do not as no financial remuneration?

    What do others think?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)



    Would that make blogging at more professional? Take it from someone who has been a professional blogger for more than a decade: no, it would not.

    If you can write well enough to get paid for it, you don’t need to do this on a website that doesn’t cost you anything. You’ll look incredibly penny-ante and greedy, an absurd combination.

    If you want to make money, invest in yourself and buy hosting.

    Besides, if you’re clever you can do this on a site right now, using existing free technology. And I’ll charge you $500 for the information of how.



    Or you can try to figure it out yourself. Such is the nature of capitalism.


    You’re a brave man, Mr Flowers, to out with such an idea. As a writer born, my ideal is to be paid for my writing so that I do not have to suffer my desk job (and I do mean suffer). Yet as a person born, my delight is sharing my thoughts and feelings with other ‘out there’.

    My outting my creative self in blogging was a timid, unconfident venture in self-sort-of-belief. And I imagine it is for so very many.

    This is a valuable enabler – blogging – for the deeply wounded artist. Blogging, being free, enables the wounded artist to reach the wounded audience who would benefit from their tellings and expressions. The wounded individuals of society who cannot express their ache so, are relieved of ache in reading of another’s and realising their spiritual torment is not unique. They reach out through the blogosphere to touch the wounded artist, and this they do simply by reading that artist, honouring their words by their audience. Then the artist is touched on another level, to realise this ache they express is not unique to themselves, but others are out there and suffering also; and naturally, the artist wants to reach out more, and more. This connection worldwide by blogosphere, to me, must never be commercialised in transaction between reader and blogger, because that transaction of deliverer of heart and audience of heart, too with wounded heart, is too precious to mess with – it gives voice, freedom of heart, release, to many lonely a passtime, connectedness, gives a stage.

    Sam, you are a brave man to commence stirring such a pot in the wordpress forum.

    I think it is offensive to seek money for blogging because blogging to me is ‘free writing’, ‘free delivery’ – freely giving & receiving unpolished thoughts and ideas knocked up on the go on blackberries and on home porches after work. I don’t know the definition of blogging, but I have the impression it is a freeshare of lives international, and I like that. I don’t want that definition in my head to change.

    I have heard the term ‘professional blogger’ and I imagine these people are paid. I would hope they are not paid by readers but by advertisers. Being paid by this method, to me is not offensive, for advertisers ache to exist everywhere and if you are going to indulge them on your site, you ought be paid. However, you never indulge readers on your site: you welcome them, and I never wish to unwelcome them. I like the door open and free to readers because the written begs to be read. By each view by a reader, a further breath of life is given the work.

    I am a writer outted from the closet in literally only the last couple of years. It was very, very torturous writing to no-one nowhere so long, not believing myself worthy of reading. I do say torturous – it was torturous. But I still wrote, because I could not live the day to day without so doing. To be paid to write, to pay my average life bills by writing, is a dream. But Ii would not like my blogging readers to pay. The advertisers may.


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    It is not quite true to say that blogging costs us nothing Raincoaster. There are a number of paid options available on WordPress.

    Additionally it costs us our time.

    I don’t consider seeking payment for your writing being greedy. The market will decide if you are asking too much as it were.

    If someone has no interest in what you have written then they will not buy but if they do then they may well make a micro-payment of 10 cents for example.

    I would still be envisioning that most blog content would remain free – but some content, fiction in particular, may find a paid market.


    Original poster

    Thanks for taking the time to respond Noeleen.

    My suggestion I should remind would be optional! Anyone wanting to make all their content free would still be able to continue to do so.

    My writing is my writing – others can read it, like it, dislike it, comment on it, share it on social media or ignore it – but it remains my writing.

    If I want to make it available to read for free or at a price it is my decision to make not my readers.

    And if I can make a living from my writing I can spend more time writing – and of greater quantity and quality. I cannot make a living from it giving it away from free.

    Of course there are many other avenues open to me where I can do this but I do not think that blogging necessarily has to be exempt from the paid market.

    And yours Noeleen is one of the few blogs that I would pay to read!


    I really wouldn’t want to appear so money grabbing and greedy. Awful idea IMO.

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