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    my email address is not being recognized on WTPOTUS blog. I am getting a message that I must be logged in using that email address. I have been posting there for years and this message came out of the blue. It also wants to change my gravatar that I have always used. the blog select above is not the blog I am referring to, though, it an associated one.
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is:




    I removed your email from the title section due to forum policy this also protects your email from being captured by email spam bots…

    I as well retitled your thread so the question is more clear for the forum volunteers please when posting future threads consider leaving a descriptive thread title…

    Thanks in advance




    We are receiving messages on our contact form that our commenters are having the same problem. I got the message myself when I used a gravatar email that’s been working for years.



    Me too



    I think I figured it out…

    Sometime within the last 24 hrs, is now requiring that visitors login in order to comment using their gravatars (previously, you could just paste your gravatar email into the comment form). Phony and non-gravatar email addys still work in the comment form like they used to.

    I assume this was done to prevent nic-jacking or stealing/borrowing others’ gravatars, or for some related security concern.

    This is actually kind of a bummer; for our site, we have email addys for gravatars posted in our sidebar that are themed, and we encourage folks who don’t have gravatars to use them. Now, they’re pretty much worthless.

    Or for me, I like to use different gravatars for different situations. From here on out, it will require a lot of extra logging in, then out, then in again.

    In any case, some sort of announcement would have been nice.



    My long time commenters are dumping their gravatars because they now can’t use them without doing some kind of sign in every time they want to comment. What a shame! Some have used them for years. Doesn’t WP own gravatar? Is this deliberate or some kind of glitch?



    Sure hope this is a glitch, not some un-announced change for the worse! Regular commenters now being turned down, not being allowed to comment.



    I am having the same issue on my blog, just had a tweet about it from a :( blog visitor who really wanted to leave a comment. Just tried a test myself and get the same issue – the error message doesn’t make it clear that it is anything to do with Gravatars

    “You must be logged in to comment with that email address.”

    It would be great to know if this is just a glitch or a new world order on, as no-one likes not being able to leave a comment on a blog when they’ve gone to the both of crafting one and I don’t want to miss out on a bunch of comments.



    This definitely needs to be addressed because long time commenters can’t comment today.



    I have the same problem! :/



    We recently updated our commenting system. Now, if someone tries to comment with an email address attached to a account, they’ll need to sign into before they can comment.

    If commenters have forgotten their password they can request a reset:



    Hello, thanks for the update on this.

    I think the error message that comes up when people try and leave a comment using their email address needs to be reconfigured, because at the moment it appears to be leaving everyone a little in the dark.

    For example, my commenter who tweeted me assumed it meant she had to be logged into her email account – which she already was – so she gave up. Luckily for me, she tweeted to say as much.

    What about an error message that says something along the lines of what you’ve just written above?

    Thanks, Luci



    But why is the change? Why do people have to make a WP login to comment on my posts? Why can’t they use the old way of logging in? And why wasn’t anyone told of this change before now?



    Good point Joleine1079. It worked fine as it was. Why the change



    I’d personally like to thank WordPress for creating this problem. NOT !

    After three years and over 40,000 comments, with no serious problems, we now have a monster on our plate.

    First, there was no pre-announcement of the intended change.
    Second, there was no opportunity for feedback
    Third, this issue was buried in the bowels of the support blogs – and took multiple searches to find the thread (what does one search on ? Answer any number of arcane symptoms).

    This one has to be a new low in change management from a team from whom we have grown to expect far better.

    I think WordPress should:

    apologise for their monumental screw-up,
    put things back thee way they were and then
    have a proper think about how to solve a problem (that we didn’t know we had) without causing chaos for long time customers.



    I agree with Jolene1079, I’ve heard from two of my readers that they are not able to post a comment, one of them did have the problem with an old WP account but the other didn’t… I don’t really see why this change is useful to us, it’s only causing problems so far!



    I agree also, I’ve had 4 commenters that complained about this change. I don’t see the benefit!



    @chris“We recently updated our commenting system. Now, if someone tries to comment with an email address attached to a account, they’ll need to sign into before they can comment.”

    NO, this is not the only problem/solution.

    My readers can no longer leave a comment WITHOUT an email which is how I have my commenting preferences set.

    I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve checked now on two different computers and using three different browsers, clearing all cookies beforehand.

    When I try to leave a comment on my blog WITHOUT an email — again, which is how I have the settings set — I get the following message:

    “That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it.”




    This is just to let you know Staff posted a sticky thread [closed] at the top of the forums on this



    Another problem related to having an e-mail address linked to a wordpress account – I have a couple of readers (and good friends) with their own domain name, with wordpress installed in it. When they try to leave a comment on my blog, they get the same message, but they are in fact logged in to wordpress within their own domain name & system. But they can’t leave a comment using the e-mail address linked to it, since it is probably also linked to a free wordpress account. This is also very frustrating!

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