Password protect / restrict access to files?

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    For example, if you upload a .pdf is it possible to protect from direct url access?
    I have seen how you can password protect posts and pages.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    What is your blog address?

    If you don’t share the link to this PDF file than it is hidden. You can also make it harder for anyone to guess by naming the file using the complicated password for example, use any password generator and name the file with password, instead of abc.pdf, use sdfWEWdsfE.pdf. And ultimately you can password protect the file as well if you have Adobe professional.

    Does it make any sense?



    That’s correct; the only way to protect a file from direct URL access is to set your entire blog to Private.

    If you’re trying to secure a PDF file, passwording the file is a good option.

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