Pages Widget As Drop Down Box? (Twenty Eleven)

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    Searching hasn’t helped…

    Is there a way to have the Pages Widget be a drop down?

    Ideally, what I want is to show the top level parent pages in the widget, with a drop down to show the children level pages under them.

    Is something like that possible, with some sort of widget?

    If not, is there any way to create a “Recent Pages” (not posts) widget?

    I do have the CSS upgrade, if it can be done that way.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    A dropdown like the one for the Categories widget is probably not possible, as it requires javascript. A dropdown with flyouts, like the ones you get in the top nav menu, is possible (via CSS editing).


    Thank you!

    I’ll hold off on that CSS for a bit, I was just wrestling with messy HTML in a footer widget that was causing IE8 not to load. I think I fixed it, but, right now “the” looks funny to me!



    You’re welcome.

    a) What is “the”?

    b) If you decide to do the dropdowns (I wouldn’t), you’ll have to post in the CSS forum and wait for a staff reply.

    c) But I’ll answer your other CSS question (since staff seem to ‘neglect’ answering questions on infinite scrolling). See update here:


    Thank you!!!

    I’ve been going in and adding the “more” tag to my posts when they are long and I post a new one, because I hate having never-ending pages.

    That all it would do is load more and more posts, made no sense to me at all.

    Now it is perfect. Thank you!!

    (“the” – meaning my head was spinning so much, the word “the” looked funny as if I hadn’t spelled it correctly, was missing a silent q, something! I needed to fix “div” and “span” tags and remove paragraphs, I think I got it, now.)

    Please, why would you not do the dropdowns? Would you just delete the Pages widget, or exclude the older pages, only showing the newer, or…?

    Again and again, thank you. The generosity of the volunteers here is truly remarkable.

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