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    Any poist that i upload writing on is too long. How can i change size of the page? I like to get same aligned with the picture o post..



    The theme your working with cannot be altered and made wider. It comes in a narrow form because this is the way it was designed. If you want a wider theme then you must choose a different one.



    The theme not that i am talking about.. my own web site .. i need help and no-one help me.. this is ridiculous..



    Please understand that everyone here is just another blogger like you are. All are volunteers and some have more experience and some have less. You have said that this is about your website. But this forum is not for self hosted blogs. The forum over here at this URL is for self hosted and web hosted blogs

    However, I have noticed that you do have a free blog here at and this is the URL of it
    When I go there I see you are using “sweet blossoms” which is one of the most narrow themes that can be chosen. The width of the page was determined by the theme designer and it cannot be changed so to accomodate your posts the page length grows longer and longer, because it can’t grow wider.

    If you chose just as an experiment to change your theme your problem might be resolved.

    dashboard -> presentation – > themes

    Now choose the very plain white theme called “simpla” – is the problem solved?

    I’m sorry if this does not help you. If that’s the case then all I can recommend is
    (1) use the feedback button on the top right jand side of your dashboard to send a message to staff with the link to this thread in it

    (2) or send an email to with the link to this thread in it.


    Dear Timethief,

    Can we change the colour of the theme without using any special software? I do not have anything like photoshop or CSS thingy, because I also do not understand the CSS program.



    thesecretasia: what you’ve asked is not related to the thread by the original poster. you should start a new thread in future if such is the case as it is considered impolite in the forums as you seem to be “hijacking” the thread.



    The answer is “no”. In order to change the colour of the theme you would have to purchase a css upgrade and do the work yourself.



    I’d help but I’ve been told my help isn’t wanted here. Oh well…



    I assume those who help other bloggers on the forum do so because they have the altruistic motive of being helpful to the bloggers who ask for help. And we all know that you do not need either a Moderator’s title or special admin tools to help. Any member of the community who feels motivated to help can do so.

    So why do you keep leaving these cryptic remarks?

    And what do you think you are achieving by chiming in like this without helping and/or by sniping at staff from the sidelines as you have done in other forum threads?

    If you want to help there is nothing but your wounded pride and ego preventing you from doing so. But, by acting like a wounded dog in a manger, you are detracting from the reputation you built up in the past for helping without the prospect of any personal gain or glory.

    Please stop making yourself look bad.

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