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    Hello folks. I have a problem with my site. It uses the oxygen theme.
    It looks fine on the desktop.

    But when I view it in the mobile here are the problems I encounter.
    The Menu tab on the top left is really small – I would like it bigger.
    And the font color for the word Menu needs to be black so it contrasts.

    Also the home page has a carousel which get resized to the width of the phone display – which is fine.

    But I would like the 5 columns 1 row table below the carousel to fold over into 1 column and 5 rows (1 image per row).

    Will appreciate if anyone can help me.



    The blog I need help with is specimg.com.


    Hi, Oxygen is a responsive width theme, so you do not have to have the Mobile Theme active. It is meant for sites that do not have a responsive designed theme. Click here to go to Appearance > Mobile in your WP Admin dashboard and disable the mobile theme and then click Update.

    You may have to clear the cache/history on your phone browser in order to see the change since phones rely heavily on caching to reduce bandwidth and page load times.


    As far as the HTML table you have goes, there isn’t a way to reconstruct a table so that it changes the number of columns. what you could do would be to delete the table and then put each of the linked images into its own div with a new CSS class, and then set a 25% width for each of those divs with a new rule in the custom CSS. You would then need to create some Media Queries to resize them on narrower screens/windows so that it has on column of the linked images.

    If you want to make that change (adding them into divs instead of the table) and then let me know when you are done with that, I can then work out the CSS for you.

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