Oxygen: Showcase Slider Glitch?

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    My site was working fine until I added my 10th article tonight. I made the post sticky, being sure to “unsticky” the oldest post in the slider at the time to make room for this new one. Unfortunately, my newly stickied post did not show and the one I just unstickied is now in both the showcase slider AND the recent articles section. I unstickied a second post to make absolute sure I had room for the new one and THAT one also now shows in both the showcase slider and the recent articles section.

    Please know that I have triple checked the featured image size of the new post I want in the slider and even adjusted it down to exactly 940 pixels wide, as it was 1280 originally. So it has nothing to do with the sizing of my images, I’m sure.


    The blog I need help with is doctorofcycology.wordpress.com.



    Edit: I added my 8th post tonight, not my 10th. There seems to be 10 posts on my blog homepage but that is because 2 of them are duplicates, explained previously.



    Hi @cycologyphd!

    It sounds like you might be experiencing a similar caching issue to the one described in this thread.

    The posts will appear on their own over time, which is something that’s being looked into. In the meantime, you can use this as a workaround if needed:

    1. Visit the front page of your site
    2. In the address bar, add /wp-admin to the end of your address. Visit that page
    3. In the dashboard that appears, select posts
    4. Use this screen to edit the post in the wp-admin editor.
    5. In wp-admin, mark the post as Sticky and update/publish it.

    Give that a try the next time you update the slider and let us know how it goes :)



    Thank you very much, chad1008, that worked seamlessly. I do, however, have some follow-up questions, if you have a minute:

    1) Is this a local issue within the Oxygen theme or does this happen to other feature/showcase-style home pages across the board?

    2) What is the difference between the admin page you had me patch into and the default back end? And are there other benefits to be gleaned from working from there vs the default back end?

    3) You said this sounded like a caching issue. I’m on my phone at the moment but once I have access to my computer, would clearing my cache and cookies also help this issue or is it more of a WordPress site problem?

    Thanks again. I appreciate the quick and simple response.



    Excellent questions. The dashboard I linked you to is called WP Admin – it’s a basic or “stock” WordPress dashboard. The default that your used to using is a newer, updated interface.

    Generally, we recommend using the newer one you’re used to. The vast majority of items are available in both, and more and more of the less commonly used items are making the switch to the new interface.

    The caching is actually server side, on this end (as opposed to browser caching on your end). When you set a post as sticky in WP-Admin, it flushes the necessary cache for the change to appear. There’s an issue at the moment with the new editor not flushing that cache the same way when you click “Publish” or “Update” – so the posts appear the next time the cache gets updated automatically.

    All of that means the answer to your first question means you may see similar delays with other themes (depending on how the slider on those themes works) but the delay will always be temporary :)



    Chad1008, you have been incredibly helpful, thank you. I appreciate the workaround you gave but will expect small delays here and there. I’m looking forward to continue growing my blog with WordPress. ✌️



    Happy to help! Thanks for your patience while we sort out the caching :)

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