Outlook phishing followers are back

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    hi-the site is 365dpp.wordpress.com
    There are 4 main followers that re-follow after a break no matter how many times I remove them: Leo Garcia, creativegardens123, AHazardDesigns and geraldstores. There are several others that I think are not quite right but which haven’t come back again. Thank you for the quick reply




    As these are regular WordPress.com followers, not Outlook.com email subscribers, this is not related to the issue being tracked in this thread.

    Please start a new thread at ´╗┐https://en.forums.wordpress.com/?new=1 and we can take a look there.

    However, to me it just sounds like these are people who actually want to follow your blog, and refollow when they notice they’re not following any more. There’s no way to block specific people from following a public site.



    okay. Thank you

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