Outlook phishing followers are back

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    wadams92101 – no problem. As fstat mentioned previously we are actively working to get these removed from the system.


    honeyquilts – Click on My Sites – People – Followers

    Get back to me if you have any trouble with that.



    This has been happening to me too recently. If I go to followers and they are not there does that mean they have been removed?


    pbodwell – Correct. We are removing them as spam.



    That’s great I am getting at least one a day over the last couple of weeks. Why are they targeting WordPress. Is there a way of putting a capture code into the subscription?


    Our developers are working to track down and remove the spam. Please continue to mark them as spam when applicable.


    Hi, I too have started receiving outlook email followers in my emails but I don’t see them in the wordpress website..Need help on this..



    I’m having this trouble too on centrediting.com.au.
    Can I just check: if I can’t see them in my list of email followers, does that mean that WordPress has already deleted them?


    lovelylivelylyf – That’s right. We are removing the spam from the system which is why you do not see them as followers.


    ruthdaviescentrediting – exactly :)


    I’m glad I found this thread. I have been receiving outlook subscriptions as well. I will try removing the widget for a bit and see if it helps. Thank you for removing them so quickly.



    Hello all, I was just ignoring the #weirdfollowers this time and hoping they would go away… hopefully the lovely WordPress people will do their stuff again.



    Hi there,
    just to add weight to the numbers – I’ve been having this issue for a couple of weeks and only just twigged it was phishing. And there was me, all proud at having so many email followers! Bit loath to delete any in case I actually have some genuine followers there … :)



    @lynnmlove the spam followers are being removed by WordPressdotcom so you don’t have to. :) See Staff reply here: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/outlook-phishing-followers-are-back?replies=33#post-3093257



    Thanks @justjennifer. I had seen a previous thread and read they’re no threat to blog accounts, just an irritation. Thanks for the conformation though :)


    I am having this issue as well. Several fake outlook email followers recently.
    I logged into my blog and they are not actually following my blog.
    How am I getting the emails?
    Looks like WordPress has been having this spam issue since January.
    I hope its resolved soon.


    ndeckerrunner – We are removing the spam so that they do not reach your actual followers list. You could set up an email filter to remove them from view though. Or even, just filter them straight to the trash bin.



    Yes, I have gotten several of these the past month, as well. Add typebeaminus.wordpress.com to your “cleaning” list. thanks!



    OH MY GOSH!!! Where are all of these outlook.com people coming from! Until today, none of them have actually become a “follower” of my blog
    … this is getting really old, FAST!!
    I forget now, how do I get rid of and also block these folks again?




    Please read the previous staff replies in this thread.

    We are working on blocking these completely, and also automatically removing them from your site as we detect them. For now the best thing you can do is just ignore these. But it takes time to block them completely as we don’t want to also block legitimate followers who have Outlook.com email addresses.

    There is no way for you to block anyone from following your site.

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