Outlook phishing followers are back

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    Better reopen this thread. I’ve gotten several of these over the past few days, and frequency is increasing.


    The blog I need help with is whyarentyoupettingme.wordpress.com.



    I too have most recently started receiving these bogus outlook.com email followers yet again. They seemed to have stopped there for awhile, but now it’s started back up.
    I was under the impression that WP had resolved this issue and closed the previous thread in regards to this topic.
    Granted, the offenders have not appeared as legit followers on my blog, and that they are no threat to my blog nor any of my personal info, but I’m getting emails from WP, again, that I have a new follower— I pull up my admin page and NOPE, nobody new there.
    So, yeah, WP is still blocking them but —
    That’s an extra step each time that I need to follow-through on to ensure that these jokers are outta there!
    Hello — WordPress Happiness Engineers ??? Are you there?


    I too started receiving them this morning. Got two – went into my email followers and deleted them. Just now I received another one, and went into my email follower to remove but no name was showing? Strange. I’m going to make my site private for a while and see what happens.




    Hello — WordPress Happiness Engineers ??? Are you there?

    This is a peer support forum for WordPress.com sites on the free plan. When we need Staff help with issues Volunteers cannot resolve like this one we type modlook into the sidebar tags on our forum threads. I did that for you. How do I get a Moderator/Staff reply for my question? https://en.support.wordpress.com/getting-help-in-the-forums/#how-do-i-get-a-moderatorstaff-reply-for-my-question



    1) yeah, I think I did mention about ‘removing a follower’, got that already
    2) kind of a rhetorical question towards the Happiness Engineers
    Thanks though



    Hi there, Staff have indicated that the developers are working to remove these spam followers at the moment and they are posting updates in this thread in case you wish to subscribe:




    So here’s what’s happening now, just all-of-a-sudden … WHY oh WHY am I getting an onslaught of junk email in my personal email box that is listed with WordPress? This wasn’t happening prior to this new WP ‘outlook.com’ attack. Is this a ploy to get me to subscribe to an upgraded WP site, please tell me otherwise.



    Hi there,

    As @justjennifer already mentioned we’re already working on fixing this annoying issue.

    Also, I can reassure you that there’s no ploy to get you to upgrade :)



    Mine are being automatically deleted before I can get to them in most cases, so I see the “Happiness Engineers” are on the job.

    Thanks again, timethief, for explaining how to flag a support request for moderator attention. And since the moderator and staff have provided a link to another thread regarding this issue, I am closing this one.


    Dear Forum,

    Yes, I am having this issue too. It started on Friday, March 23rd and has increased since then to today. All followers have a weird email but always end with @outlook.com. When I go to my website admin to try and delete them, they are nowhere to be found. WordPress, can you please help with this and explain why this is happening? The website is https://kathyjramirez.wordpress.com

    Many Thanks.



    Hi kathyjramirez,

    Thank you for reaching out. We’re already working on removing those spam followers from your site.



    Hey WP engineers,

    Please also check my blog: lillianyamongo.wordpress.com as well . I have also been getting several of these Outlook spam followers over the last week. What defenses can we put in place on our blogs?




    Hi Lillian,

    Thank you for letting us know. We are steadily removing those spam followers from all the affected accounts and I want to reassure you that there is no danger for your site, your content, or your account.



    I have had several in the last month. how can I stop this?


    angiemorton – as fstat mentioned previously… we are aware and working towards removing the spammers. The only way to eliminate spam all together would be to create a private site.

    If you’re interested in that option give this a read:



    I thought this problem had been resolved, but I have two new “weird” outlook followers since yesterday…


    Well, spam is an ongoing and forever thing for us… We are constantly updating and tracking, learning, etc…

    Have you thought about temporarily removing the follow widgets?



    I’ve gotten notifications of several such outlook followers in the past week as well.
    I’m not sure where to find my followers on my site however to check if they’ve been deleted.
    Where/how can I find my followers list?



    add calbevlaw.com to the list of sites needing cleaning

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