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    Hello, we have a web shop oloop.eu in WordPress platform. Today for some reason we cannot get into our wordpress account. The username is (email visible only to moderators and staff) and when inserting it into the username field it says that that kind of username doesn’t exist. The username is not an email address but just username. I am Helen Urb, the board member and owner of the company Refuser OÜ, in Estonia, who owns the domain oloop.eu. If necessary I can prove my identity and the company’s identity. Waiting for your prompt reply, because it is very urgent for us to solve client order issues! Please send your answer to (email visible only to moderators and staff)

    WP.com: Unknown
    Jetpack: Unknown
    Correct account: Unknown



    Hey Helen,

    Sorry to hear that you cannot access your site!

    I looked at your site, and it looks like it uses the open-source WordPress.org software, and it’s hosted at another hosting provider (not WordPress.com). We can only help with issues for sites hosted at WordPress.com

    You can read more about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org here.

    We recommend reaching out to your hosting provider about this. They should be able to help you locate the correct username and help with getting access to your site.



    Your site is not hosted with WordPress.com. It is a site using the open-source WordPress software (from WordPress.org) but hosted with ElkData.

    So, you’ll log in to it through https://oloop.eu/wp-login.php and not through us.

    To clear up any confusion, WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different entities: https://wordpress.com/support/com-vs-org/

    WordPress.org has complete documentation for self-hosted/installed versions of WordPress.org at https://wordpress.org/support/ and support at https://wordpress.org/support/forums/

    With that said, if you’d like to manage your WordPress.org site through WordPress.com, that is one of the features of the Jetpack plugin: https://jetpack.com/support/getting-started-with-jetpack/

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