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    In the live demo for orvis, the post page layout shows only blocks of blogs with short excerpts stacked on top of each other, whereas for my site the blog page shows entire blogs stacked on top of each other.

    How can I change this and make it just short excerpts instead of the entire blog?

    Thanks for your time!

    The blog I need help with is edpniccindia.travel.blog.




    Some themes come with an option at Customize that allows one to choose between displaying excerpts or full posts on the blog page. Orvis doesn’t have this option. The Orvis demo doesn’t display excerpts on the blog page. Instead, the posts are for the most part rather short. The longish ones are split into multiple pages using Page Break Blocks.

    You could use that block, but the more usual method of displaying shortened posts on the blog page while using a theme that doesn’t have the excerpts option is to insert the More Block into each post that you want shortened on the blog page.



    Another option that is only supported on some themes is to create a custom excerpt as described in the Create an Excerpt section of the Excerpts support page. However, whether and where these excerpts show is theme dependent. I don’t know if they’ll show on the blog page on Orvis.

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