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    Hello, I’m planning to make a series of posts on a video game using text, screenshots, and gifs. I’m having trouble with the size of my gifs.

    I got my screengrabs and gifs for a small section of the game, and the gifs, 35 in all, come to about 1.25GB. They all measure 853×480, run at 20 frames per second. Some are only a couple seconds long, some are nearly 10 seconds. The longest of them is just under 100MB in size.

    I made them from cutting the relevant sections of a 720p M2TS video file into a 1280×720 AVI ‘gif reel’ that’s 4 minutes and 33 seconds long, 608MB. I then created the gifs from sections of the AVI in a program simply called ‘Free Video to GIF Converter’ (www.video-gif-converter.com), at 853×480, selecting the ‘excellent quality but bigger file size’ option – there’s certainly a difference between that and the lower quality one, there’s less ‘grain’ so to speak.

    However, despite being at a lower resolution, being soundless gifs instead of video, and having some content cut compared to the video version, the gifs are a much, much bigger file size. I’ll certainly be upgrading my storage space, but are there ways to be more economical with gif file size short of decreasing the resolution? If requested I can upload some of the gifs or the AVI reel.

    Thanks in advance, I hope I was clear enough!

    The blog I need help with is politetimesplitter.wordpress.com.



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    GIFs really have rather bad compression when trying to store camera-type images (they do much better with wide swaths of precisely the same color, gradients and the ‘real world’ make them take up a significant portion of space), but stored as actual videos, it can take advantage of much better compression algorithms.

    Do you need your videos to autoplay and loop, or if they were embedded as a sort of ‘click to play’ would that work as well? If that’s an option, you could consider either a VideoPress upgrade, or embedding YouTube, Vimeo, or any of our other embeddable sources.

    Another thing that may help, that I’ve not used personally but have been meaning to try out is Gfycat. They’ll optimize and transcode your gifs for a much smaller filesize, while looking just about the same.

    Please let me know what you wind up settling on, and link me to your finished posts, I’m eager to see how they turn out!

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