OpenID not functioning

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    I use openID feature for almost all my openID work. It now appears that no site can authenticate on it.

    So far, authentication has failed with SuperUser and BitBucket. If this is a known issue, I apologize for re-reporting it and what is the estimate fix time?

    I can post more details if required…

    The blog I need help with is


    There has been at least one other report of it not working, but in my experience it has always been flakey (slight understatement) and I’ve quit using it entirely.

    I would suggest contacting support directly on this at as the volunteers here in the forums cannot “fix” it.



    I’ve been experiencing the problem now for 2 days solid.

    I will contact actual word press support; I thought this was monitor by the actual wordpress team (as well as volunteers.)



    It is, but there is no guarantee they will actually see this thread. Best to contact them directly so that a support ticket is generated.

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