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    I have a feature request: would it be possible to have all links open in an external window by default? I imagine that this would be useful…and if you already have this setting could you please direct me to it?



    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @claytonharbour,

    I am afraid there is no default setting for links to open in a new tab currently. Here is something I found in the forum that might answer your question. A similar question like yours was answered by a staff member in the link below:

    Also, in the future when you post forums threads about feature requests, add a modlook tag in the side bar to your thread. A modlook tag brings your thread to the staff’s attention. For now, I have added the modlook tag for this thread.

    Hope this was of help.



    Hi Clayton,

    Something like that will have to come from the open source WordPress software made on, and it’s highly unlikely they’ll introduce something like this. Having links on a website open in a new tab by default is not considered best practice on the web, and it violates web accessibility standards, as it prevents people using assistive software like screen readers and people who can only use a keyboard, not a mouse, from effectively navigating a website.

    As you’re on a Business Plan there might be a plugin for WordPress that overrides this default setting, but I’m not able to recommend anything specific. If you really want to do this, you can look in the plugin directory at if there’s anything there that will do this for you.



    Thanks, @mywritingmusician I posted a follow up on the link you provided.

    Also thanks @kokkieh I understand it’s not accessible friendly, there is an acceptable solution for this that WordPress could implement: This seems like the acceptable way to solve this, so I guess that’s another feature request =).





    This seems like the acceptable way to solve this, so I guess that’s another feature request

    You are welcome to submit a request on for this, but the last time this was requested it was shot down:

    There was also a discussion a few years ago about removing that option completely, in which case the only way to make a link open in a new tab would be to edit the HTML itself:

    So I’m not sure this is going to get a lot of traction :)

    The first ticket I linked to does confirm this is possible with a plugin, though, and if I look at there appears to be a few plugins that might work for this.


    The easiest fix for this is REALLY easy. When the user clicks on the Hyperlink button revealing the popup for entering the link, show the little tab that has the “new window” control on it. That way, it does not have to be a default to be added to anything, just avoids the extra clicks to do this. If they have the feature, and the only thing revealed is the control for opening in the new window, this would be very easy to implement.

    Where do I go to file the enhancement request?


    Chris Church



    Since this a core feature of WordPress itself, you’d follow the steps at but report it as an Enhancement and not a Bug.

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