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    Is it possible to only feature sticky posts in the slider and not have them be listed at the top of my blog page? Basically, I think it looks redundant for me to feature posts in the slider, and then when someone goes to my blog, the first thing they see is the same posts from my slider. I found some suggestions online, but I think they were for sites, and my site is a .com. So for now, I’ve just hidden my blog, but I’d love to be able to fix this if possible. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    I believe this comes down to that it’s not a matter of what you want to feature in a featured post slider; it’s a matter of how the theme is designed.



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    Okay, thanks for the link – though I’ve gone through it several times and I don’t believe it mentions this issue. . .

    So does that mean if I picked a different theme, I might be able to have this feature? Thank you!


    Hi @voicenlife. I’m not seeing repeated posts on this site: Which posts are repeating for you? Cheers.


    Hi, you aren’t seeing them on the live site because I’ve hidden my blog page for now to avoid the duplication. I figure people can access the content through the featured category links at the bottom of my home page – they just don’t get a scrolling blog page.

    When I say the posts are repeating, what I mean is, I have 3 posts featured in my slider on my home page:
    – Commercial demo
    – Flu Vaccine Ad
    – JAT

    Then when you go to my blog page (, those 3 posts are featured again at the top of my blog. I’d rather feature a few posts on my slider, and then have all my posts listed chronologically on my blog page, regardless of whether they are in the slider. Is that possible to do this?


    Hi Laura. Great voice! Your commercial demo is super-cool; now I’m in the mood for pasta, chicken, veal, and seafood!

    In all seriousness though, I’m afraid this isn’t possible for your site on the theme side of things. Even so, I hope that you consider this a slightly minor thing, because imagine this:

    1. I’m a user who goes to directly, not seeing your home page at all. How would I ever know that you posted the three posts in your featured area if they weren’t on the blog page?
    2. I go to and only see little snippets of your featured posts (excerpts), going to would give me a better and broader view.

    If you were really desperate you could hide your first three posts on that page with the following Custom CSS:

    .blog #content article:nth-child(1),
    .blog #content article:nth-child(2),
    .blog #content article:nth-child(3) {
    display: none;

    I don’t like that at all, but it’d hide your posts. :)


    Hi Philip – thanks for the feedback on the demo and the info on my concern.

    I agree, I don’t want to completely hide those posts, but I also don’t want a blog page with them featured like that, so for now, I guess I’ll just keep my blog page hidden.

    That being said, is there a wordpress theme that would allow me to have a featured slider, but then put those featured posts in chronological order on my blog? If so, perhaps I could change my theme. Please let me know. Thanks!


    Hi Laura.

    I agree, I don’t want to completely hide those posts, but I also don’t want a blog page with them featured like that, so for now, I guess I’ll just keep my blog page hidden.

    You don’t need to do this! If you go to Appearance → Custom Design → CSS, you will be able to enter the CSS that I’ve given you above and the three latest posts on your blog page will be hidden by CSS. If you have trouble with this, please let me know and I will be happy to add the CSS into that page for you.


    Hi Philip, I understand what you are suggesting with the CSS code, and that is one option, but I really don’t want to hide these posts on my blog page. I just want them listed in chronological order instead of at the top of my page. If I was understanding your previous message, you were saying that this isn’t possible with the skylark them. So then, is there a theme that will allow me to feature some posts in a slider, but not feature them on my blog page (ie, keep them listed in chronological order)? Does that make sense? I feel like it’s hard to simply describe this . . .


    Ah! I totally understand what you are asking now, and I’m sorry for not realizing that you were simply asking to display Sticky posts in chronological order. Normally, themes with featured sliders show Sticky posts in chronological order if the slider is on the same page as the posts. But what you’re after is a bit complicated. Let me do some digging and see if there are any decent alternatives for you. I’ll update you tomorrow (it’s close to midnight in Hanoi so I’m heading out). Cheers.


    Hi Laura.

    I’ve looked into this some more and the following free themes that use some sort of featured area are as follows:

    These obviously vary a lot, but I wanted to put them here. Most of them at the moment use sticky posts for featured sliders, but we are moving away from that slowly but surely, so that tags are used instead to mark content that should be featured, like in the following themes:

    The above themes do not rely on Sticky posts, so you wouldn’t have the problem that you’re having right now with one of them.

    Hope that helps.


    Thanks so much, Philip! I’ll check these out and see what I like. Thanks so much for your help with this, I appreciate it!

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