One click to create sandbox copy?

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    I’d like to get a script or plugin that copies my live site, say to second local sandbox instance

    What we’re trying to do is give freelance developers access to a sandbox copy that is overwritten weekly or upon a manual click from within the WP-admin interface. This way we don’t have freelancers modifying the live site or with password access to our live size/directories etc.

    The new site would live in an adjacent directory on our server. For example, live site is in /home/www/livesite and the sandbox copy is in /home/www/sandboxsite. Database and admin passwords would need to be different than the live site.

    We’d like the process/script/plugin to modify robots.txt to block search engines, and to possibly have .htaccess password protection, but these are “nice to have”.

    This could be done with a shell script that pipes the database SQL file and php files through sed for replacements, but it’d be nice if there is a plugin solution for this.

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    This support forum is for blogs hosted at Your question is about a self-hosted WordPress blog and you’ll find help at the forums.

    If you don’t understand the difference between and, you may find this information helpful.


    Ah. Thanks fstat. I’ll head over to the forums.. -Michael

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