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    This is just ridiculous. I have had a business and run a successful website on the first page of Google for 8 years and this crap has completely lost me in one day. Why does require so many different formats to join?? I paid for the Bluehost, I went through the Jetpack, I worked on a WordPress site. Nothing is syncing. Nothing makes sense. Why do I need all three? Which site do I go to for writing the actual blog? Why does the name I paid for not show up on my WordPress site? Why am I on WordPress and yet it’s asking below about Jetpack? Why can’t it be more user-friendly? Is it too late to get my money back and pay Weebly instead?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,

    The website associated with this post is Is the website that your are running into these troubles with or is it another?

    If it is another, please provide the URL.

    If it is the correct URL it looks as though it is a self-hosted site rather than

    If you are using the WordPress software hosted elsewhere, you will need to install the Jetpack plugin to access its features and either link it back to a account for the basics or purchase an upgraded Jetpack plan for premium features. For more information please review the following:

    This forum is designed to help clients hosted by For more information on the difference between the two please check out this link:

    If you are in need of support for your self-hosted website you may be able to find an answer on the support page at the link provided: or as an alternative you may want to contact your hosting provider.

    Hopefully this helps!




    Hi there,

    It sounds like you’re having a really rough go of it so far! It can be really confusing with all the different websites and domains and such.

    Unfortunately, I’m going to give you some more frustrating news – You’ve asked this question in the forums which is for support for sites running on the platform. This may be part of the confusion is that you’ve now got an account here *and* on Bluehost.

    It looks like Bluehost has a WordPress support area on their website:

    and they say they have 24/7 support as well. Here’s their contact page, click on “Technical Support” to access their support information:

    They have dedicated WordPress support there through live chat or phone call.

    I hope this helps! WordPress is really great and flexible once you get the hang of it. Good luck! :)

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