Old blog transfer?

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    Hello, everyone!

    I don’t actually need particular help.
    I am interested if someone has an old blog, created between 2006-2010, that they DON’T NEED, and are willing to transfer ownership. You know, something you started, had a couple of posts and left it.
    I have always stupidly deleted mine :(

    I wish that for simply emotional reasons, to have access to older themes and remember the times, when I first joined (another account I believe) WordPress.com

    Thank you! My email is: (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is voraciousdreamer.wordpress.com.



    @voraciousdreamer is there a particular site you had before? And are you able to log into the old account?

    Noting too, an older site wouldn’t necessarily have old themes on it. Is there a particular theme you’re after? And are you hoping to use it for a site, or… ?


    I occasionally stumble on very old blogs from 2006 and on, that seem abandoned….there is 1 or zero posts. And I was interested if someone, who has one and doesn’t need it, would love to transfer ownership. I just would love to have one that has accesss to the very old themes. I don’t think I will use it as a blog. Just want to own it for my own personal emotional reasons. I no longer delete blogs, but mine are newer. If I knew we lose access to themes…I would have never deleted my first blog frpm 2009.


    I’m afraid that people who have old blogs that aren’t updated for years won’t likely check this forum.

    If you remember the address of your site, let us know, we’ll see if we can get it back for you.
    What theme are you looking for? The reason we retire old themes is that our platform changes and those themes don’t adapt well to those and may cause issues on sites but there are always newer themes with similar layout.


    I had two blogs, I believe were quite old.

    But they were created from my previous account and permanently deleted. 😭
    As far as I know such blogs cannot be retrieved.
    But thank you for the reply.

    I still hope someone will gift me an old blog they don’t need. Hope dies last 😊

    Thanks once again!


    Good Morning –

    Unfortunately we’re only able to restore a site with in 30 days of deletion. These sites can’t be restored. Let me know if you have any other questions.


    This is intetesting to know, because usually we are told that permanent deletion is firever. I hear first time about the 30 days. I am now smarter than deleting my sites but good to know just in case.

    Thank you! 😊


    That’s been a recent change. Maybe a year or so ago. Now when a site gets deleted we are able to restore it within 30 days. After that it gets purged from the system.


    @voraciousdreamer I have an empty site that I created in 2010 you can have if you wish.



    Just noting, while both of those sites are long gone, you’d be welcome to set up a free site under a .home.blog address, or with any of these subdomain offerings:



    I do! I do! 😁😁😁 Are you 100 per cent sure? And thank you!!!! 🌺



    Thank you for this info. I usually read those articles but somehow missed this information. Much appreciated ❤


    My enthusiastoc reply was for @magicrobot.
    I thougth it would tag automatically.


    Thank you very much @themagicrobot

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